TN: Two Older PedroXimenez...(short/boring)

Tried these two older PX over the last two days:

  1. Alvear PedroXimenez Solera 1927 Dd’O: Montilla-Moriles (16%; GuiliaImprts/Boulder) NV: Very dark/black; very intense PX/raisened/caramel/pruney bit alcoholic quite complex beautiful nose; quite sweet intense caramel/raisened/pruney/PX fairly complex flavor w/ a finish that goes on & on. I fairly complex expression of PX but doesn’t seem that old.

  1. Bodegas Toro Albala Don PedroXimenez GranReserva Dd’O: Montilla-Moriles (17%; ClassicalWines/Seattle) Cordoba 1972: Very dark/black color; very intense raisened/pruney/PX bit creasote slight pencilly/oak quite complex nose; bit tart slight alcoholic/spirity very intense PX/raisened/pruney very sweet quite complex flavor; very long/lingering intense raisened/pruney/PX slightly tart very complex finish; dominated by the raisened/pruney/PX character but rather more complex and less sweet. $17.00/hlf (K)

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. We had Sunday night a Father’sDay Spanish Meal at Pig+Fig. It was finished off w/ a Gonzales-Byass Nectar PX. That was a very good PX but maybe a bit on the simple side.
    Both these PX were were dominated by the raisened/pruney character. Both were quite complex. The ToroAlbala gets the nod on these two because it was not quite as intensely sweet and showed more complexity.
    Both needed a good piece of peecan pie!!

The Toro Albalas are leading the PX pack from what I have tasted. The 94 GR (latest release in our market) is super and may be better than prior releases 90 and 87. Still very sweet but so luscious.
The Seleccions and Convento Seleccions are PXs on steriods, but the Gran Reservas are pretty smart at a fraction of the price.