TN: Two New Wines from Prima IlConsorzio....(short/boring)

My latest IlConsorzio shipment arrived last week, so I tried last night:

  1. PierreSparr PinotBlanc GrandeReserve AC: Alsace (13%; Unoaked;; WilsonDanielsImprts/Napa) Beblenheim 2020: color strong PB/appley/bit pear lightly floral/carnations fairly stony/chalky/bit mineral/slight earthy fairly classic PB nose; lightly tart/tangy bit off-dry (0.2%-0.4% r.s.) fairly rich rather PB/floral/carnations light stony/chalky/metallic/earthy flavor; very long lightly tart fairly rich/lush bit off-dry strong PB/floral/carnations light stony/chalky finsis; not the usual austere/stony expression of PB; a pleasant expression of PB but just that; more like a Baden/German Weissburgunder than Alsatian PB; a pretty face that I wouldn’t bother to take to bed. $20.00/$16.00 (PrimaIlC)

  1. Dom.du Meterore Leonides Ad’OP: Faugeres (14%; Syrah/Grenache/Cinsault; G.MontotWines/Danville/CA) Cabrerolles/Haut Languedoc 2019: Very dark color; strong blackberry/boysenberry/Syrah bit Rhonish/roasted rather earthy/rustic bit alcoholic rather attractive nose; somewhat tart/tannic quite earthy/rustic strong blackberry/boysenberry/ripe Syrah quite rustic/coarse/Languedoc slight roasted/Rhonish flavor w/ some modest rough/coarse tannins; very long lightly tart/tannic rather earthy/coarse/rustic some blackberry/Syrah sligt Rhonish bit complex finish w/ modest rough tannins; a pretty classic rough/rustic Languedoc Syrah; will benefit from a few yrs of age; a bit too rough/rustic/coarse for my tastes. $22.00/$17.60 (PrimaIlC)

More figgleblah from TheBloodyPulpit:

  1. The Gregoire Montot Wines is a new importer to me that Frank/Prima was touting. Apparently specializing in natural wines. Alas, they have no WebSite so I don’t know who some of their other producers are.