TN: Two New DryCreekVnyd SauvBlancs '19....(short/boring)

My new VSC shipment arrived last week, so I tried last night:

  1. DryCreekVnyd SauvBlanc Taylor’sVnyd/DryCreekVlly/SonomaCnty (Musque clone; 13.8%) 2019:Lots of mesmerizing tiny bubbles swirling about in the glass, almost cloudy; light gold color; very fragrant SB/herbal some floral/muscatty/spicy/carnations slight pencilly/oak lovely nose; fairly tart/tangy strong floral/muscatty/melony/SB/bit herbal light pencilly/oak quite perfumed flavor; long fairly tart melony/SB/bit herbal some floral/muscatty/carnations light pencilly/oak finish; loads of fragrant floral/SB bit muscatty character that soft-pedals the herbal character of SB; no signs of CO2 on the palate; quite a lovely SB. $28.00/$22.40 (VSC)

  1. DryCreekVnyd TheMariness MeritageBlend DryCreekVlly/SonomaCnty (90% SauvBlanc/6% Muscadelle du Bordelais/4% Semillon; 13.8%; 7 mo. in Fr.oak/Acacia/Chestnut) 2019: Light gold color; small bubbles clinging to the side of the glass; much lighter almost closed light herbal/SB/melony light toasty/oak slight mineral/earthy more complex nose; bit softer/richer/lusher some ripe/melony/SB modest toasty/pencilly/oak some complex more structured flavor; very long lightly/tart some rich/lush quiet herbal/SB/ripe/melony balanced light toasty/pencilly/oak bit complex finish; not nearly as intense SB character & a bit on the quiet side but a very attractive understated SB that will probably put on weight. $35.00/$28.00 (VSC)

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. I’m not a big fan of Calif SB (Friuli & Sudstiermark are my favorites), but I really like what DCV (and Bedrock) are doing w/ that variety. The Musque was more towards the BrittanySpears part of the spectrum. The Mariness more towards the JuliaRoberts or RuthBaderGinsburg part of the spectrum.

Thanks for the tasting notes, Tom!!

I have enjoyed reds and whites from Dry Creek Vineyards in the past - even their delta-sourced Chenin Blanc.

I’ve tasted “The Mariner” (a Meritage-style red), but I didn’t know that the was a white counterpart called “The Mariness”.

Yup, Drew… the Mariness is a new wine, I believe. But I think they have made a Meritage Blanc several times in the past.