TN: Two More With Dinner...(short/boring)

Tried these two Sat night w/ dinner:

  1. LaClarineFarm petit manseng SierraFoothills (13.4%; U/U;; whole cluster pressed thru fermentation) Somerset 2017: Med.dark gold bit cloudy color; some funky/apple cider rather earthy/bit stony somewhat natty slight mousey rather interesting if strange nose; very tart/tany/acidic/bit screechy some cidery/bit phenolic rather natty/bit hantavirus some earthy/stony some citric/grapefruity interesting flavor; very long rather cidery/bit phenolic quite tangy/tart/acidic bit funky/natty rather lean/austere finish; resembles slighty the Basque PM but rather cidery/bit natty/funky character; actually a somewhat interesting white that badly needs food; a bit iffy how this wine will evolve given its natural winemaking; probably best not to take a chance on it going South. $27.00 (AV)

  1. Carlisle Zin SonomaCnty (15.0%; century old vines + black varieties; U/U; 770 cs) 2017: Med.dark color; very strong blackberry/boysenberry/RRV Zin/spicy some toasty/oak quite dusty/OV rather fragrant slight volatile lovely nose; fairly tart/tangy strong RRVZin/blackberry/raspberry/boysenberry/spicy fairly dusty/OV modest toasty/oak w/ modest tangy tannins; very long stronf raspberry/blackberry/bit DCV Zin/spicy fairly dusty/OV some toasty/pencilly/oak finish w/ modest bit tangy/firm tannins; an absolutely delicious Zin that can use a few yrs; great price at $24.00

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. LaClarine: HankBeckman is one of the new-wave of “natural” winemakers in Calif, but whatever definition you choose. His whites tend to show a bit of a natty character, sometimes to an excessive degree. Always best to try his wines before buying and you take your chances on aging them.
    Petite Manseng is the grape variety grown in the SW part of France, particularly Gascony and the Jurancon. This LaClarine only hinted at that strong stony/mineral character those wines often show. I think the best PM wines are those made as a late hrvst/dessert style. The TablasCreek version is particularly fine.

  1. Carlisle: Mike’s SonomaCnty and regional blends continue to impress me. They don’t have the depth & plushness of his vnyd-designate wines, but they continue to be one of the best values around.

Tried this remaining wine two days later:

  1. LaClarineFarm petit manseng SierraFoothills (13.4%; U/U;; whole cluster pressed thru fermentation) Somerset 2017: color w/ lots of bubbles; rather stony/earthy/chalky slight floral fairly strong nose; quite tart/tangy some metallic/steely rather stony/mineral somewhat saline/savory flavor; long quite tangy/tart/bit metallic fairly stron stony/mineral/chalky quite savory/saline finish; lost all of the natty/hantavirus character & resembles somewhat a Jurancon Sec; not a lot of fruit here and not a pleasure to taste on its own but badly needs food with it.

A wee BP:

  1. This wine really cleaned up after two days. The acidity and the saline/savory character makes it a wine that badly needs food with it. It has sort of an electrifying character that makes it like sticking your tongue in a light socket or peeing on an electric fence.

it’s a wine / it’s a liqueur / it’s a zinfandel

" Like peeing on an electric fence".

Hey Tom, now that is a descriptor that will get ones attention :slight_smile: