TN: Two IngridGroiss Whites '15...(short/boring)

Tried these two over the last two days:

  1. IngridGroiss GemischterSatz Braitenpuechtorff/Niederostrreich/Austria (12.5%; LN383/17; www.Ingrid-Groiss.At; CircoVino Imports/Tuscon) 2015: Med.light gold color; very strong floral/apple blossom bit GV/white pepper/very spicy some ripe pear light mineral/perfumed talc complex very perfumed nose; bit soft quite rich/lush strong floral/pear/apple blossom light mineral/perfumed talc some complex beautiful flavor; very long/lingering strong floral/pear/apple blossom rather rich/lush slight chalky/mineral bit spicy/white pepper/GV some complex beautiful finish; one of the best mature GS that I can recall & beautiful drinking; should go another 3-6 yrs.

  1. IngridGroiss GrunerVeltliner DAC: Weinviertel (13.0%; LN382/17) Breitenwaida 2015: Loud pop when screwcap opened/dissolved CO2; med.light gold color; very strong GV/white pepper/very spicy light mineral/perfumed talc quite aromatic beautiful complex nose; slight spritz/dissolved CO2 very strong GV/white pepper/spicy fairly tart some mineral/perfumed talc fairly rich lovely perfumed GV flavor; very long/lingering lightly tart somewhat rich very spicy/white pepper/GV bit minerally some complex finish; still lots of primary GV fruit but starting to show some complexity/evolution; will go another 5-10 yrs probably.

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. These two wines were the ones that made me fall in love w/ the wines of IngridGroiss when they first came to NM, so thought I would like to revisit them. They are both in a very beautiful place right now and drinking very well. There’s no reason they should not go out at least another 5 yrs.
    We met up w/ Ingrid at her wnry several yrs ago & had a wonderful meal at her Heuriger Groiss ( as she was flitting back & forth to the wnry out front during crush. We took along the Carlisle Gruner and she seemed to be fairly impressed.
    Anyway, outstanding Austrian wines at a very fair price.