TN: Two Drew Estate Pinots '21....(short/boring)

Had these two Drew Estate Pinots at Pig+Fig last night:

  1. Drew PinotNoir Radiolaria Faite de Mer Farm/MendoRidge (13.4%; 73% Dijon 667/18% Dijon 115/ 9% Pommard clones; 35% new Fr.oak/65% neutral brls for 18 mo; Drk: 2023-2038: JD) 2021: Dark color; very strong black cherry/PN/blackberry/black cherry cola/ripe slight licorice strong toasty/Fr.oak quite spicy lovely nose; fairly tart quite rich/lush intense PN/black cherry/black cherry cola strong toasty/Fr.oak rather structured/rich flavor w/ some chewey tannins; very long/lingering black cherry cola finish that follows flavor; a fairly big rich structured Pinot that needs age; the bigger/richer of these two Pinots. $70.00/$59.50

  1. Drew PinotNoir FieldSlctns Faite de Mer Farm/MendoRidge (13.3%; 20% w-c; 18% new Fr.oak for 18 mo; Pommard/Dijon 667 % 115 clones; Drk: 2024-2040: JD) 2021: Med.dark color; lighter more fragrant/cherry/PN less MendoRidge & somewhat AndersonVlly-like some pencilly/Fr.oak bit peppery/w-c slight earthy/loamy more complex less intense nose; more tart/tangy bit lighter strong bright/cherry/PN more elegant/restrained less pencilly/oak somewhat tight/lean/angular flavor w/ modest bitey tannins; very long bit angular finish that follows flavor; needs more age; has more of an AndersonVlly resemblance than MendoRidge. $80.00/$68.00

More binzerzot from TheBloodyPulpit:

  1. Two absolute stunning Pinots from Jason & Molly. I slightly preferred the Radiolaria (a block on their Estate vnyd) for its greater intensity. But both are outstanding.

Thanks for the notes Tom, I really enjoy the Drew wines especially the field selections.