TN: Two Domestic Amaros...(short/boring)

Tried these two domestic Amaros that I found at Cured in Boulder:

  1. Amaro della Sirene traditional bitter liquer (29%; Don Ciccio & Figlio/Washington/DC NV: Light brown color; very intense quinine/herbal/fennel/licorice/spicy very exotic/complex/earthy beautiful/incredible nose; very tart bit alcoholic dry rather bitter quinine/herbal/fennel/licorice very complex flavor w/ slight bitter tannins; very long/lingering dry rather bitter very complex finish; a beautiful complex/exotic Amaro. $44.00 (Cured)

  1. Bilaro Amaro di Sebastopol Liquer (Batch #1; 13 herbs/spices/botanicals; 40%;; pure grape spirits) NV: Light brown color; very intense herbal/spicy bit vanilla/vanilla bean slight licorice beautiful/complex nose; slightly sweet fairly bitter vanilla/vanilla bean quite complex herbal flavor; very long/lingering slightly sweet somewhat bitter vanilla/herbal finish; a beautiful exotic Amaro. $52.00 (Cured)

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. Way out of my area of expertise for taking TNs. Susan gave me the book Amaro for my Christmas gift (beats the two boxes of TJ’s lardos she gifted me one Valentine’s day). I’ve been reading thru it a trying a new Amaro every month or so. These two were as good as any of the Italian versions I’ve tried. Oftentimes, the Amaros have a single ingredient that stands out from the crowd of aromas. These two did not.
    Amaro is a genre of beverage that should be pursued more in this country. They should be planting Amaro plants all up&down the Coast of Calif.


Count me a fan, currently have one open that we bought online (UK company, but shipping direct from Sicily). I think we also still have some of the Alta Langa one from when we stayed in Bubbio. Both very complex, not aggressively bitter, and seem to do a decent job as a digestive.

The first one is made locally and sold at one of the farmers’ markets i frequent. I think they make more than one. Or perhaps it is aperol they make two of. Anyway the products I’ve smelled (can’t taste at 9 am) smelled great. They do tours and tastings at the distellery on saturday afternoons with reservations.