TN: Turley Zin DuPrattVnyd '17...(short/boring)

Tried this one from the archives at our Turley tasting at Pig+Fig:

  1. Turley Zin DuPrattVnyd/MendoRidge (15.7%; Plntd: 1919) St.Helena 2017: Dark color w/ slight bricking; very fragrant very spicy/c-c peppery strong blackberry/Zin some dusty/OV light pencilly/cedary/oak somewhat complex really beautiful perfumed nose; lightly tart/tangy very spicy/c-c peppery/blackberry/Zin/quite spicy slight metallic bit pencilly/oak fairly complex some dusty/OV flavor w/ light tangy tannins; very long/lingering very spicy finish w/ light tannins; a very spicy/perfumed c-c Zin that’s probably not going to get a whole lot better. $36.00

More morklefritz from TheBloodyPulpit:

  1. I’ve been following wines from the DuPratt Vnyd since JedSteele first made it famous at Edmeades back in the mid-'70’s. It’s vnyd high up on the Western side of MendoRidge set among heavy redwood forests. They also have some Chard planted there as well. It invariably makes an outstanding Zin no matter whose hands it’s in.

Cool spot up there just above Baker Ranch and Fashauer on Philo Greenwood road. I’ve only had a handful of Dupratt wines but am following Turleys advice and sitting on the Zins for a few years.