TN Turley California old vine Zinfandel 2014

After reading several posts on Zins lately, I popped this one tonight. Total prune/raisin juice. Had to check that it wasn’t a late harvest version. Seems hotter than the listed 15.5%. I have wide selection of Turley and enjoyed them. This was an anomaly I hope.

Strange note, the OVs have been consistenly good for me regardless of vintage. Sounds cooked.

Not sure I would agree - I just checked out CT reviews and the OPs note seems consistent . . .

I guess we don’t interpret the CT notes the same way. I see a lot of positive notes, and nothing in the last few months that reads a negative as the OP’s note. The average score is around 91 pts, which seems pretty positive and much more so than Robert’s note.

I’ve had two bottles and liked them both, with the second a touch better than the first. Both seemed a bit young to me, which some other posters have noted as well.

I’ve had several of these and they’ve all been good. Turley has a unique way with Zins.

Definitely sounds like an off bottle. Turley crushed in 2014. Just had the Juvenile the other day and it again confirmed my sentiment that it might be my favorite Turley vintage ever. I’d easily take the 14 Juvenile (and definitely the Old Vines) over many bottles of zin that cost 2 to 3 times as much.

I have had dozens of Turley Zins from other vineyards but this was my first Old Vine. I have one more which I will crack later this week to compare. I love Presenti, Ueberroth, and Juvenile. This was just not one for me. Possible bad bottle.

Just had a cheeseburger and fries dinner at the new Gott’s Roadside Diner in Walnut Creek. They had the 2015 Turley Juvenile on their list for $12 a glass. Delicious.