TN: Trimbach Riesling Cuveé “M” 2008

Though very familiar with Trimbach wines, I’d never had this cuvee or even heard of it before happening on it recently. Definitely a riper version of Alsatian Riesling than the entry level, CFE, or Clos Ste Hune, apparently coming from the more sun-exposed Mandelberg vineyard. Still dry, and still with an impressive backbone. There is some lime along with a more tropical component. I definitely liked it, but would have perhaps guessed Albert Mann rather than Trimbach.
Drinking well now.

The same for me, even if I often visit the domaine (last time, I thus tasted excellent Schlossberg 2015 and Geisberg 2012, before an extraordinary verticale of FE and CSH - ending with FE 1990 and CSH 1967, both unforgettable).

I’ve a few bottles left of the 1996 that I received at the domaine.


Did I miss what “M” is? Can someone please explain this designation as I have never seen it nor heard of it.

It comes solely from Mandelberg.

It curiously sounds like a ghost wine …

I believe the 96 was the first vintage of this. It was when Trimbach still didn’t believe in vineyard designated wines. Much softer than Frederic Emile. I bought a case from Jean Trimbach.

I had no idea that Trimbach now has a Schlossberg Riesling; I consider it one of the best Riesling vineyards anywhere.

First vintage in 2014 …

Thanks for the link, Laurent.