TN: Trimbach 2001 FE 375eme and regular

wife won’t drink riesling so daughter’s boyfriend stepped up to help. The 375eme comes from a special plot and was for the anniversary of that year in 2001 for the Trimbach estate.

The wines are too close to call. Both are super. Maybe a touch more lift and density in the 375eme. Lots of life left in both. Maureen used to chastise me for opening these too young—they do indeed last 20-30 years and improve. Apricot and citrus, very classy fruit. Glad to have both . . .

What fun to have them side by side. I could do that, but I cant afford to deplete my meager number of bottles of either in one go lol.

Nice notes, thanks. I forget where but they were a great deal and I got a bunch of these two along with the CSH.

I’m with Maureen. Haven’t touched mine.

If you have a significant stash (and even if not) I would strongly consider busting a bottle out. They are both right in the middle of a superb drinking window, IMO. I do tend to like erring on the side of too early than too late.

I had the regular CFE last night and it was singing. Wonderful wine. I had one from the same lot about a year ago and it was shot (oxidized). Must’ve been a bad cork.

Then there’s the question of when to bust out the mags.

any visible color difference between the bottlings?

virtually identical. I’ve had poxed bottles and poxed CSH—that hurt.

Hell, I remember when i had to twist your arm to get you to drink riesling!

Nice. I have a couple of the 375emes left. The last one I had (5-6 years ago) was a laser

Just opened a 375eme. Oxidized to hell and back again.

Some CellarTracker notes seem to suggest drink up. Being that o still have a case and a half between the three 01 bottlings (CSH being the third), I hope that’s wrong.

I’m drinking my 1992-2000’s right now.

The issue is random oxidation. Trimbach struggled with this from 1996-2001.

More like 1994 to 2014 for CSH. I’m not sure yet they’ve solved their issues although Jean finally recognized it. I don’t buy CSH any more but I’ve heard about problems with the 2010 and 2012.

I think probably 1996 and 2001 (your book ends) were the most inconsistent for CFE. I’ve drunk my 96s (last one was ok but not singing) but have 3 of the 2001 375em left in that span (for non-VT).

I never delved too deeply into CSH. I prefer CFE, and not just because of price.

I’ve had both within the past year or so, on different occasions some months apart, and both bottles in top condition.

I loved both; the 375 is richer, slightly late harvest, while the regular seemed more typically Trimbach, very dry and very intense. I found them similarly Trimbach Rieslings but quite distinct expressions from one another and wish I had lots more of each. Great wines.