TN: time for notes

P.Y. Tijou, (Clos des Perrieres), Savennieres, 2002
A dull golden color with a slight lanolin aroma and hay made damp by a light rain sprinkle. There’s dried appleskin, dried pear, limestone, and only a slight hint of lanolin. Showing well for its age and a mature example of Savennieres. Tactile in feel. Delicate, with a light touch of honeyed bergamot at the end. B+

Viticultores Familias Sosu de la Rosa y Envinate, Vinos Atlanticos, “Taganan”, 2011
Almost a sauvignon gris color: a glistening grey-brown light gold. A light savory nose of key lime yoghurt, fresh cut timber wood. Savory and acidic, with an odd snap of rye seed and onion, there’s a sulphury note on the nose. Simple, and yet intriguing, 13%, yet expensive at over $30 for this Canary Island wine.

Sandlands, Carignane, Sonoma County, 2012
Purplish garnet ink color. Plum and boysenberry nose. Smooth and frooty, with a touch of sour patch on the finish and slightly furry tannins that cut in on the end, suggesting this could age awhile longer (3-4 years, at least). Very fresh and gulpable. Bit of cement in the body. Not much for complexity, but cranks up the lusciousness scale. 14.2% A-/B+

Herve Souhaut, Domaine Romaneaux-Destezet, IGP Vin de Pays de l’Ardeche, “La Souteronne”, 2014
12% Apparently, gamay. A little sharp and prickly, light tart red fruits with strong peppercorn. Rather simple, but refreshing. Expensive for what it is, at $32. Reminds me of Texier, but a little more polish to it and not as rustic. B/B+

Travaglini, Gattinara, “Tre Vigne”, 2009
13.5% Soft and spicy, with a red-fruited nose with some floral notes mixed in. Very youthful, and the warmth of the vintage shows through (not a bad thing in these northerly parts). Clean Piedmont character, strawberries sitting in a straw basket, with some chalky tannins. Nice. Good value at $25. B+/A-

Domain Magellan, Protege Languedoc, Grenache[60%]/Rousanne[40%], 2013
Clean pale gold colored. Very perfumed nose, but a cheap, cloying perfume almost like the disinfectant sewage treatment plants use to cover their tracks. Light in body. Bitter almond and soy milk on the finish. The only thing good I can say is that it actually tasted better on the 2nd and 3rd day, and how often does That happen with wines?! B/B- 14%

Awesome notes top to bottom. That’s the kind of party I’d like to attend.