TN: Three Dog Night Plus One....(short/boring)

We had these 4 wines over the weekend:

  1. Ceretto Arneis Blange Dd’OC: Langhe (13%;; TuttoBeneSlctns/ShermanOaks/CA 2019: Very pale yellow color w/ tons of mesmerizing tiny bubbles that coat the glass; very lightly floral/carnations very slight chalky/perfumed talc/mucilage rather vapid nose; soft little acidity lots of prickly dissolved CO2 very slight floral/Arneis/carnations very watery utterly vapid flavor; very short soft prickly/dissolved CO2 very watery utterly vapid finish; one of the most vapid/watery/dull whites I’ve had in yrs from a normally good producer; the Charles Shaw Arneis blows this wine away; way overpriced at $22.00 (PrimaIlC)

  1. Bodegas Olivares Finca Hoya de SantaAnaVnyd DOP: Jumilla Garnacha Rose (13%; TheRareWineCo/Brisbane/CA) Bodegas Olivares/Jumilla 2020: Very pale copper/salmon color; slight earthy/dusty/OV light strawberry/Grenache/fruity lightly fragrant rather quiet/low-key undistinguished nose; soft/fat slightly tangy/metallic very light Grenache/strawberry bit earthy/OV very lightweight near vapid flavor w/ very light watery tannins; med.short very light Grenache/strawberry slight earthy rather watery/vapid finish; an utterly undistinguished expression of Grenache Rose; overpriced at even $10.40 (PrimaIlC)

  1. Vina Gonzalez Bastias Naranjo MauleVlly/Chile (12.3%; 40% PinkMoscatel/40% Torontel/20% Pais; Natural Orange Wine; Aged: Chilean Rauli foudres; 20 yr old bush vines/dry farmed/horse plowed; BrazosWineImprts/Brooklyn) SanJavier/MauleVlly/Chile 2019: Some bronze/golden quite cloudy color; rather phenolic/resiny/ViniMacerati slight muscatty rather earthy/dusty/OV fairly natty/mousey some interesting/rustic nose; fairly tart/tangy/bit sour rather unclean/natty/bit mousey strong VM/resiny/skin-contact quite earthy/rustic slight floral/fruity/muscatty rather strange not particularly attractive flavor w/ light sour tannins; long rather natty/some mousey/unclean quite rustic/earthy rather tart/tangy/quite sour strong resiny/VM finish w/ light tannins; a rather strange/bizarre wine not particularly attractive VM wine; too natty/unclean for my tastes. $25.50 (KK)

  1. Ceretto Piana Dd’OC: Barbera d’Alba (14.5%; TuttoBeneSlctns) Alba 2019: Med.dark color; rather earthy/dusty strong Barbera/spicy/pizza spices/Italian sausage bit complex rather classic Piemonte Barbera nose; quite tart/tangy/bit screechy strong Barbera/spicy/Italian sausage quite lean/bit eviscerated rather earthy/dusty rather quotidian Piemonte Barbera flavor w/ modest hard/bitey tannins; med.long hard/lean very tart/acid/screechy some Barbera/spicy/Italian sausage/dried Italian herbs fairly earthy/dusty finish w/ some hard tannins; a fairly hard/acidic/rather lean classic Piemonte Barbera that’s not very fun to drink; RedSkelton’s “Mean Widdle Kid” of the Barbera world.
    $22.00 (PrimaIlC)

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. The Prima IlConsorzio is one of the few wine clubs I continue my membership in. Every month, they send you three btls that are heavily discounted & that Frank things are perticularly good values. He’s usuall right & I like 1-2 of them & occasionally go back to order more. However, this month’s shipment was distinguished by utterly undistinguished wines. It happens.

  1. Torentel: Not heard this grape name before, only Torrontes. Apparently, Torrontes is a sub-variety of Torentel: