TN: This is not an Exit I could Résisté

The perfect kind of wines to celebrate Valentine’s Day! flirtysmile

2013 Sine Qua Non Résisté - Little shy at first, but does open up with a little warmth…rich with butterscotch, hot buttered rum spice, oodles of pitted orchard fruit marmalade…fresh and tropical lemon citrus and pineapple, waxy…pretty flower/honeysuckle florals. No fume noticed this time…seems to be integrating nicely! LOVE these whites! 95pts

2009 Sine Qua Non Syrah This is Not An Exit Eleven Confessions Vineyard - A balanced BEAST of a wine…like an elephant on a tight rope! Dark and concentrated liqueured berry fruit(ALL of them!)…with a firm dusty white peppery wall of structure that keeps the ripe fruit at attention like a Soldier! Licorice extract, dried currants, chocolate covered blueberries, white flowers florals…it’s ALL there! The amazement is…it’s as silky smoooooth and seamless as a first growth bordeaux! [shock.gif] Friggin amazing juice these EBA’s! 97pts

Awesome. I admit, I went to winesearcher after reading this to look for the Exit.

Btw, how long did you let the Exit breathe, and SO or decant?

for a minute there i thought this holmes or weinberg.

hope you and the mrs. enjoyed it! btw - the eba’s came out today…i’m sure you already went in

man it’s been an expensive month haha.


Tell me about it! I’m not in just yet…will try to order for the next visa bill!

sounds like a great night. Make sure you hold some of those whites back - had the 96 Omadhaun & Poltroon last year and it was singing!

and yes, not a cheap day…

I’m really happy to hear this about the This is Not an Exit Syrah as I have a bottle in my cellar.

I also have the 2011 “Patine” Syrah from the same vineyard, which I assume is the same wine, different vintage, just with a different name as per SQN’s style.

yes - patine is the 2011 EBA release