TN: Texier - 2012 St.-Julien en St.-Alban

2012 Texier - Domaine de Pergaud - St.-Julien en St.-Alban - Vieilles Serines ($32): I was meandering up and down the aisles at Chambers Street last evening in search of a bottle to take to a friends when David Zylberberg walked in. After chatting with him, my choice seemed obvious: a Texier.

This was a hit with the wine lovers at dinner when served it blindly, but I found it lacked grip. It’s quite forward and fruity, with very soft tannins and not a lot of acid (very un-Texier-ish). Some syrah character, with a slight stem note (fine by me), but I’m not sure I would have guessed Northern Rhone if I’d been served this blind. (Two people did guess syrah.) At $20-$25, I’d buy more, but at $32 I want a little more structure. I recall liking the 09 and 10 better at this stage. ~86 points for me.

The one I opened a few weeks ago was very closed up - not good to drink now. I’m a fan of the vintage though and still cellaring a bunch.

What was David doing at Chambers Street? Just there to shake his fist and air his grievances?

Just “happened” to walk in, or was this a stage set? I suppose in NYC, you meet all kinds.

I shop there almost every week. I just stay away from the sans soufre stuff.

I opened a bottle of this wine recently and found that it really firmed up nicely on day 2. I was not thrilled with it on day 1 either, but had the pleasure of drinking the majority of the bottle on day 2, when I found it to be quite good and not as soft.

At least that doesn’t rule out Foillard.


FYI, my bottle was decanted for an hour or so before we tried it.

Alas, chemistry beats ideology, and it does - most of the time.

Just popped one tonight. Juicy and bright with svelte richness. Great balance of subtle floral notes, rock dust, herbs and ripe…not overripe red plummy fruit. Plenty of structure and powdery tannins. Good length. This needs 2 - 3+ years to unwind and will certainly go much longer. Happy to have more.


Anyone had the 2013?

No, but the 2010 was quite the deal at $19!

I love how you are shopping a wine for a ‘friend’ and David walks in yet the two seem exclusive of each other just by the wording.

You’d be amazed, mike, I’m friends with lots of folks (John included), I just don’t suffer fools well.

Finally, something we can agree on.