TN: Tasting at Enoteca di Cormons...(short/boring)

Tasted these back in Oct when we stopped in Cormons:
Tasted at Enoteca di Cormons (10/9/16):

  1. Castello di Spessa RibollaGialla Capriva del Friuli 2015: Light gold color; bit underripe rather grapefruity/
    citric slight white pepper/mineral nose; rather tangy/metallic/lean grapefruity/mineral/stony light peppery
    flavor; a pleasant bit lean/citric Ribolla.

  1. Gradnik RibollaGialla Plessiva 2014(?): color; fairly rich/lush ripe/mango/bit peppery/RG fragrant nose;
    bit soft ripe/mango/RG/slight peppery slightly bland flavor; speaks more of ripeness than minerally RG.

  1. Sturm RibollaGialla Zegla 2014: Light gold color; pretty classic/RG/white pepper fairly chalky/mineral/stony nose;
    tart/tangy somewhat rich classic white pepper/RG light mineraly/stony flavor; a crisp/clean/minerally classic
    expression of Friuli RG.

  1. Bastiani Schioppettino 2013: Med.dark color; rather fragrant strong black pepper/Schio some blackcurranty/licorice
    bit pungent/earthy bit complex nose; lightly tart strong cracked black pepper/pungent some pungent/graphite some
    blackcurranty/licorice smooth pencilly/oak flavors w/ modest structured/ripe tannins; a pretty classic example of

  1. Produttori di Cormons Schioppettino 2013: Med.color; lighter peppery/black cherry cola/licorice ripe fairly
    fragrant nose; bit lighter somewhat rich/lush/ripe black cherry cola/licorice light black pepper flavor w/
    modest hard/spikey tannins; a bit on the riper side and not the minerality of many Schioppettinos.

  1. Roncada Refosco dal PeduncolaRosso Cormons 2013: Very dark color; very strong/rich plummy/black cherry cola/black
    cherry bit boysenberry bit earthy/loamy rather perfumed/fragrant nose; bit softer strong ripe/rich/lush rather
    black cherry cola/plummy/boysenberry light earthy/peppery some complex flavor w/ modest ripe/smooth tannins;
    a pretty classic expression of Friuli RdPR.

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. d’Osvaldo Proscuitto di Cormons: The proscuitto, made locally by Lorenzo d’Osvaldo, is regarded by many as the best
    proscuitto made in Friuli. When we were visiting the Enoteca a yr before, his production had been shut down over
    some nit-picking by the CommonMarket authorities. Fortunately, this trip the d’Osvaldo was available & I had to
    order some to try. Though I’m by no means a proscuitto connoisseur, it was the best I can recall having, Just
    sorta melted in your mouth and you could hear the crackle of your arteries hardening.

  1. Enoteca: The Enoteca di Cormons is one of my favorite places to hang in Friuli. It is a wine bar/shop focusing
    on the local wines ( They have a very large selection of wines by the glass and a nice
    selection of apps to order. The people are all very friendly and it is patronized (as best I can tell) by the
    locals, families, and many winemakers. The afternoon we were there, the lady behind the bar had her daughter’s
    family there and this cute little grandaughter made herself right at home, wandering around and going behind
    the bar to “help out” her Monna. We were able to strike up conservations (in English) with several adjacent tables.
    A “must-visit” when you’re in Friuli.
    Alas, the wine list does not include the vintage dates, so these are my best guesses. Alas, most of these
    producers are not imported to the USofA, that I can find. 'Tis a pity.

Had this in Serralunga at Centro Storico. Amazing stuff.

San Daniele beats the pants off of Parma. The whole subalpine regions do better.

Thanks for the notes, Tom!

Do you think that Ribolla Gialla is better young or with age? I assume that Schioppettino is a quicker drinker, and the Mondeu…er, Refosco is probably worthy of a few years in the cellar.

Please illuminate me. :slight_smile:

Well, Drew…not an easy question. But I’ll offer up a guess anyway.

I’ve never had a RG that I felt was over the hill. Probably a 10 yr old is the oldest I’ve had. I think RG is a bit like Marsanne, midly interesting when
young but only when it has some age does it get really interesting. Especially w/ Amphora RG a la Gravner/Radikon.
Haven’t had enough Schioppettino that has any age, but I don’t regard it has an early drinker.
Some of (Savoie) Mondeuse. But the L-M Mondeuse has the structure that should take it out 10-15 yrs.