TN: Taco Night

Rich Trimpi showed up at our house bearing wine and tacos. All wines served blind:

2006 Pali Wine Co. Pinot Noir, Fiddlestix Vyd, Sta. Rita Hills: Exceptionally surprising to me, as I’ve definitely set up camp in the RRV and Sonoma Coast for my go-to California regions of choice…but I really liked this. Pervasively earthy, fertilizer, and a crescendo of dark cherry fruit. The earthy and almost minerally nose is really striking; not overly ripe. Oak peeks through just a touch, but isn’t obtrusive…the tannins are still gravelly. Young, but with a great future…wait another 2 years. 91 points.

2005 Loring Wine Co. Pinot Noir, Brosseau Vyd, Chalone: Fine nose of cranberry & cherry. Not as earthy as the Pali. Excellent acidic structure, this is tart in the mouth. Craves food. Long and supple finish, with fully integrated tannins. Gorgeous, perhaps my favorite of Brian’s 05’s to date…Rich guessed Burg. Ready now. 93 points

2004 Peay Syrah, Les Titans, Sonoma Coast: Double-decanted. Different animal here, but not the stark difference you might expect. Juicy blackberry and blueberry nose. More viscous, and full on the palate, the darker fruits are balanced by pronounced acid and judicious oak. Great intensity. Tannins are very firm. Shows more like a young Crozes Hermitage than a California Syrah…Rich mentioned Syrah at one point, good catch. Needs time…3 years minimum, probably more. 90+ points.

2006 Halleck Pinot Noir, Three Sons Cuvée, RRV: Black cherry verging on raspberry. High-toned. Mouth-puckering acidity, morphs into a smoothed-over & creamy mid-palate, and a hot finish of alcohol. I guessed California. If this was less ripe it would be great, as the fruit profile and acid are there…but the finish doesn’t work for me. 84 points.

2006 Thomas Pinot Noir, Dundee Hills: Killer. Awesome nose of smoked meats, ring bologna, and smokehouse. Reticent fruit shows with vigorous swirling, all red…cranberry and cherry. Not as lush as the other wines, it has a tight, focused core of acidity. Impeccable balance. Endless finish: I’m counting in my head…30 seconds…45…60…90… yup, still there. I guessed Gevrey, LSJ based on the meaty profile. Probably better with age, but an irresistible youngster now…just singing. My first Thomas, and I totally get it…one of those wines that reminds me why Pinot Noir remains my beloved varietal. Run-away WOTN. 95 points.

There was a Petit Sirah port too whose name escapes me now (little help Rich…). I enjoyed a small glass with dessert, but honestly I kept going back to the Thomas, Loring, and Pali…ultimately, too many times. [drinks.gif] Great lineup!