TN--(Super) birthday Syrah--2016 Myriad Halcon Syrah

2016 Myriad Halcon Syrah

Dad always cooks steaks for his birthday. This was a very poignant one for him, the first without mom. I wanted to open something that I hoped would be special. I was not disappointed. Aromatics are composed with a li’l fireside, some black pepper and underlying dark plum and blackberry. The palate is a dream. Incredibly smooth, such a feathery touch, long and with plum and a dusting of chocolate. Adding the steak accentuates some light underlying herbs and, while not freshening up the wine, what I would describe as making its frame more crisp. Of all the wines Mike has made, for my own personal taste, this may be the best I’ve had. It’s certainly one of the best Cali Syrahs I’ve drunk in quite a while and comparisons to a riper-vintage Jamet or Chapoutier Le Meal (perhaps not quite in flavour but yes in overall presentation) are not out of line for me. 93-94



Great note. Mike makes great Syrahs

Halcyon Birthday Syrah :slight_smile:

All of my Love to the Grammers.

I’d have to sleep in that one.