TN: Soter Pinot Noir North Valley 2006 (Oregon)

Color: Medium ruby, slightly cloudy

Nose: Red fruits, cherries, cassis, spice box, a slight musky, earthy note

Palate: Intense cassis, and cherry flavors with tobacco and baking spices…bright, bright acidity, very soft and velvety tannins and a 30 second finish.

Overall perception: Really, really nice. The balance between the acidity and the intensity of the fruit set up the complexity of the range of spice and tobacco aromas beautifully. This seems like it has great aging potential.

Very interesting note, Mark. I can’t say I’ve seen any notes on '06 Oregon Pinot that mention “bright, bright acidity”, let along just bright acidity [wink.gif]. Not what I associate with the vintage at all, but great that Soter was able to balance the ripe fruit. I remember trying the '98 Soter Beacon Hill a number of years ago and being pretty impressed with its silkiness and poise, but it seems like I don’t run across their bottles very often.

I’ve only had the 2004 Soter North Valley. Do they still use the synthetic cork? If so, is it just for the North Valley, or for their SVDs also?

I’ve enjoyed Tony’s wine ( the few that I’ve had)- a couple of 99’s that are drinking great right now and a 02 that was beautiful but still pretty young. (Beacon Hill).

Good call - this is definitely one of the best of the '06 PNs from Oregon for my money. The several bottles I have enjoyed seemed to lack the worst features of '06, and display the best.

Real cork and no mistake about it, this juice had real brightness to it. Balanced but not round or lush in the least.