TN: Some OffBeat Whites & Reds...(long/boring)

We tried last night (11/8/17) Some New Interesting Wines:

  1. Bibich debit North Dalmatia (100% Debit grape; SS ferment;; 13.0%)
    Skradin/Croatia 2016
    : Light gold color; fairly fragrant pineapple/mango/orangey/citrusy/peach slight
    Windex light stony/chalky attractive perfumed nose; fairly tart/metallic ripe/pineapple/mango/peach/
    almost R-like slight chalky flavor; med.long ripe/pineapple/mango/peach sight chalky fairly tart
    finish; a rather attractive fragrant bit simple white, fairly priced. $16.50 (BDW)

  1. Sipun Zlahtina Dry WW (Vrbnicka Zlahtina or Zlahtina Bijela grape; 11.5%; LZ0816) SipunEstate/
    Ivica Dobrincic/Urbnik/Island of Krk/Croatia 2015
    : Light yellow color; lightly fragrant spicy/nutmeg
    slight smokey/tobaccoy/oak fairly fragrant nose; soft/bit flaccid rather smokey/bacon light mango rather
    washed-out flavor; med.short rather tobaccoy/bacon little fruit finish; a rather strange white but
    dull/watery/vapid on the palate; needs acid. $18.95 (BDW)

  1. Bibich R5 Riserva North Dalmatia (Debit/Posip/Marastina + PinotGrigio/Chard; new Am.oak for 12 mo;
    13.5%; 300 cs) 2015
    : Light gold color; very strong R-like/floral/mango/pineapple very fragrant/perfumed/
    aromatic spicy rather vanilla/oak/tobaccoy quite attractive nose; soft very ripe floral/mango/pineapple
    light vanilla/Am.oak very slight resiny/phenolic complex flavor; med.short floral/bit R-like/mango/pineapple
    rather vanilla/Am.oak finish; lots of R-like aromatics but a bit too much Am.oak. $16.50 (BDW)

  1. Bibich Debit Lucica Riserva (100% Debit Berba;; 13.5%; L012017) 2015: bit burnished
    bronze color; slight phenolic/resiny/skin-contact very ripe/pineapple/mango fragrant nose; soft rich/ripe/
    overripe/pineapple/mango light phenolic/resiny/skin-contact slight bitter/apple-skin flavor; med.long soft/
    rich/lush light phenolic/skin-contact/resiny some overripe/pineapple/mango bit bitter/apple-skin finish w/
    very light tannins; seems to have a quiet skin-contact character and on the overripe side but interesting
    if rather overpriced. $34.95 (BDW)

  1. RedTailRidgeWnry Miscreant (50% GWT/Chard; skin frmtd; aged in neutral oak 8 mo.;;
    12.6%) PenYan/NewYork 201
    5[/b]: Med.dark gold/burnished bronze color; strong GWT/lychee/spicy light phenolic/
    skin-contact/resiny/apple cider/cidery some Vitalis hair oil rather aromatic very interesting nose; fairly
    tart light GWT/lychee/spicy/bit hair oil some phenolic/resiny/skin contact interesting bit austere flavor w/
    slight tannic bite; long some phenolic/skin-contact/resiny some GWT/spicy/lychee/Vitalis/perfumed fairly tart
    bit austere finish w/ slight bitter tannins; not a particularly heavy phenolic loading and plenty of GWT
    varietal character; rather interesting rendition of GWT. $23.00 (GMT)

  1. Gutoggau Emmeram Weiss Weinland Osterreichscher Landwein (13.5%; Halbtrocken;;
    Demeter; Jenny&Francois Slctns) Eselbock & Tscheppe/Oggau/Austria 2015
    : color; quite appley/floral/
    GV-like/very ripe light phenolic/apple cider/resiny rather aromatic complex nose; quite tart/austere rather
    bitter off-dry very ripe/pineapple/apple/mango light phenolic/skin-contact complex flavor; very long very
    ripe/appley/pineapple/mango/overripe-R some phenolic/resiny/skin-contact bit sweet quite tart finish; a rather
    interesting/exotic but very ripe/off-dry white w/ light phenolic/skin-contact character; a bit on the weird
    side and rather over-priced. $55.00 (GMT)

  1. Bibich R6 Riserva North Dalmatia Red (34% Babic/33% Plavina/33% Lasin; 1 yr in Am.oak barrique;
    13.4%) Skradin/Croatia 2015
    : Med.dark color; strong Am.oak/vanilla rather earthy/loamy bit volatile slight
    licorice/blackberry strange plastic/hybridy rather rustic/coarse somewhat interesting/strange nose; rather
    tart/tangy fairly metallic quite coarse/rustic very earthy/loamy some bitter rather Am.oak flavor w/ light
    rough/coarse tannins; med. rough/coarse/earthy/loamy very slight licorice/blackberry bit bitter finish w/ some
    hard/rough tannins; very much a rough/rustic/coarse peasant red w/ little likable features other than being
    different. $16.50 (BDW)

  1. Gere Attila Pinceszete Portugieser Villanyi Vedett Eredetu Classicus Vorosbor DHC: Villany Szaraz
    (Kekoporto grape/Blauer Portugieser; 12%; www.Gere.Hu; Villany/Erkel/Hungary
    : Med.light color; very pungent some fecal/septic tank quite earthy/dusty slight grapey/blueberry very
    coarse/unattractive nose; quite bitter/sour rather fecal/septic tank/unclean slight grapey/blueberry very
    coarse/rough/rustic/funky flavor w/ light coarse tannins; med.long unclean/fecal/septic tank/reduced sour/bitter
    slight blueberry/fruity finish w/ light rough/coarse tannins; definitely a DNPIM type of wine that has some
    sort of bacterial problem; dreadful stuff. $11.00 (BB)

  1. Durin Ormeasco DOC: Pornassio (13%; www.Durin.It) Basso Antonio/Ortovero/Savona 2005:Med.dark color; slight
    bricking/browning color; rather earthy/dusty licorice/Dolcetto rather tired nose; lightly tart fairly tired/
    oldRed slight licorice/Dolcetto rather earthy/dusty flavor w/ some dried-out tannins; med.long tired/dried-out
    rather earthy/dusty slight Dolcetto/licorice finish w/ light tired tannins; speaks of old Dolcetto but pretty
    tired & dried out. $26.00 (WE/SM)

  1. Dom.Plageoles Prunelart IGP: Cotes du Tarn (12%; Jenny&Francois Slctns;;
    Prunelart grape:father
    of Malbec) Robert & Bernard Plageoles/Gaillac 2013[/b]: Med.dark color; very strong
    pungent/smokey licorice/blackberry/herbal light earthy/loamy rather aromatic/complex nose; lightly tart some
    earthy/loamy pungent/smokey licorice/blackberry/herbal/thyme bit Mourv-like/plummy flavor w/ light brisk/crunchy
    tannins; very long ripe/blackberry/herbal/thyme/pungent some earthy/loamy finish w/ light brittle tannins;
    quite an interesting if a bit rough/rustic/peasant red. $25.00 (GMT)

A BloodyPilpit from the alt-news:

  1. This was a tasting I threw together to explore some of the nether-regions of the grape world. Alas,
    none of the wines were particularly exciting. None of the varieties appear to be worth planting all
    up&down the coast of Calif.

  1. Debit: A white grape grown primarily on the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia. Thought to have originated there.

  1. Zlahtina: Another indigenous Croatian white grown almost exclusively on the island of Krk. Means “noble”,
    which may be a bit of a stretch.

  1. Posip: Another indigenous grape, originating on the island of Korcula. It survived phylloxera because it
    was mostly grown around the village of Smokvica, which has very sandy soils and it’s grown on its own
    roots. It is enjoying a bit of a rennaisance in other areas. It is regarded by some as a “super-grape”
    of the status of Riesling or Chardonnay.

  1. Marastina: Another Croatian variety of uncertain origin. It is also known as Malvasia Bianca Lunga where
    it’s grown in Tuscany.

  1. A good source of info on all these Croatian varieties can be found:
    Total Croatia Wine - Grapes
    There apparently is a bill before the US Congress to ship a whole boatload of vowels to Croatia in order
    to save their language. The Nationalist Party of Croatia is opposed to this corruption of their language and
    has threatened to sink the boat.

  1. R6: Babic is an indigeneous grape of the Northern Dalmatian coastline. It is regarded as having the potential
    for making high quality reds. Plavina is yet another indigeneous Croatian variety that is a cross between
    Verdeca (of Puglia) and Tribidrag. A rather rare grape. Lasin is another very rare indigeneous grape from the
    North Dalmatia shore. No DNA has been done on it.

  1. Ormeasco: This is the Ligurian name for the Dolcetto grape grown in the NW Alps of Liguria. The few younger
    Ormeascos I’ve tried had shown more bright fruit akin to Rosesse.

  1. Prunelart: Also called Prunelard, is one of the grapes native to the Galliac area of SW France. It pretty much
    died out after phyloxera, but has been enjoying a mild renaissance in the area. The Plageoles have been very
    much responsible for its resurgence. I found this wine quite interesting and different. Clearly a variety
    they should be planting all up&down the coast of Calif.