TN: Some More New Wines..(long/boring)

We tried last night (5/21/14) Some More New Wines:

  1. Massican annia NapaVlly WW (44% TocaiFriulano/36% RibollaGialla/20% Chard; 12.5%) 2013: Light gold color;
    light smokey/pungent/gunpowder/used fireworks/ozone quite mineral/stony/earthy light pear/apple blossom quite
    attractive nose; quite tart/lean very stony/mineral/earthy/steely/flinty light pear/apple blossom flavor;
    very long lean/tart/tangy/grapefruity quite stony/mineral/flinty bit pungent light apple/pear finish;
    lots of flinty/mineral character like striking gunflint on a steel rod; will benefit (a lot) from age.

  1. Massican annia NapaVlly WW (46% RibollaGialla/36% TocaiFriulano/18% Chard; 12.7%) 2012: Med.light gold color;
    bit deeper slight smokey/pungent/gunflint strong apple/pear light mineral/stony nose; bit softer but tart/
    tangy strong apple/pear/bit floral light mineral/stony flavor; very long tart/tangy strong apple/pear/floral
    light stony/mineral finish; just like biting into a ripe/juicy/crisp pear; not as lean/flinty as the '13;
    very attractive white that can still use age. $27.00

  1. Ronco del Gelso TocBas Friulano DOC: Isonzo del Friuli RiveAlte (14%) Cormons 2012: color; very
    fragrant/perfumed quite floral/spicy/pear/carnations/cherry blossom slight milk of magnesia/chalky beautiful
    nose; softer rich/lush some floral/spicy/cherry blossom slight stony/tangy/grapefruity attractive flavor;
    med.short rich/lush light floral/cherry blossom/carnations slight stony/tangy finish; a really lovely nose
    that doesn’t quite deliver everything on the palate; would like more acidity & stony minerrality; more like
    a very ripe Loire CB than a Friuli Friulano. $39.00 (WE)

  1. Miani DOC: Friuli Colli Orientali Friulano (14%; TheSortingTable/Napa; EnzoPontoni/
    Buttrio 2012
    : Light gold color; slight earthy/dusty deep some floral/hand lotion/ripe pear deep/complex
    incredible nose that defies descriptors; slightly tart bit earthy/dusty very floral/perfumed/hand lotion
    almost Scuppernong musky rich/lush/structured/balanced very complex flavor; very long/lingering very
    perfumed/floral/hand lotion/perfumed talc slight earthy/dusty structured/seamless/balanced complex finish;
    a profound/seamless wine that’s hard to come up w/ descriptors; stunning stuff. $68.00 (AV)

  1. Forlorn-Hope L’Asino Santo Barbera ShakeRidgeVnyd/AmadorCnty (13.98%; 23 cs; sans soufre; 100% stem inclusion)
    : Darker color; slight funky/bandaid/vinyl trash can very strong Barbera/spicy Italian sausage bit more
    earthy/dusty bit Italianate/rustic slight blackberry more expressive/exotic nose; very tart/acid/salado somewhat
    earthy/dusty strong Barbera/spicy/Italian sausage slight funky/bandaid somewhat exotic flavor flavor w/ some
    sharp/bitey tannins; very long tangy/tart/acid/salado strong Barbera/spicy/Italian sausage/black cherry slight
    funky/earthy/dusty finish w/ some hard tannins; seems more intense fruit, more exotic, more sauvage, more
    bright than the SO2 version; very interesting Barbera and maybe the most Italianate Calif Barbera I’ve had.

  1. Forlorn-Hope SanHercurmer Delle Frecce Barbera ShakeRidgeVnyd/AmadorCnty (13.54%; 87 cs; 100% stem inclusion)
    : Dark slightly lighter color; slighht smokey/oak some simple Barbera/Italian sausage/black cherry cola
    bit muted more classic Calif Barbera nose; very tart/lean light smokey/oak simpler Barbera/spicy/Italian
    sausage/fennel slight earthy/dusty flavor w/ light/lean tannins; long very tangy/tart classic Barbera/spicy/
    Italian sausage light smokey/oak/pungent/earthy/dusty finish w/ light/bitey tannins; seems a bit more pure
    Barbera fruit and a bit more beaten down than the non-SO2 version; very Italianate rendition of Calif Barbera.

  1. Malvira’ DOC: Barbera d’Alba SanMichele (L1; 14%;; Canale
    : Very dark color; slight funky/unclean/TCA(?) rather earthy/dusty bit spicy/Barbera/licorice nose;
    slight musty/(TCA?) rather earthy/dusty bit tart/lean light spicy/Barbera/licorice slighht funky/barnyardy
    flavor w/ light/lean tannins; med. bit tart somewhat unclean/barnyardy/funky light spacy/Barbera rather
    earthy/dusty finish w/ light/bitey tannins; some thought it had TCA but I thought it just a funky strangely
    developed old Barbera; not a good example of Barbera. $23.00 (AV)

  1. Alessandro e Gian Natale Fantino DOC: Barbera d’Alba (13.5%; L27; KermitLynch) cascina Dardi/Bussia/Monforte
    d’Alba 2011
    : Med.dark color; rather earthy/licorice/pungent strong fennel/Italian sausage/spicy/Barbera slight
    toasty/oak nose; slightly tart bit buttery/oak fairly rich/lush spicy/Barbera/licorice/fennel/Italian Sausage
    flavor w/ light/smooth tannins; long slightly unclean/barnyardy slight buttery/oak some earthy/spicy/Barbera/
    fennel/Italian sausage finish w/ light/gentle tannins; rather atypical Bd’Alba and more like a modern if
    unclean Calif Barbera. $24.00 (SFW&S)

  1. DryCreekVnyd Zin DCV2/Estate/DryCreekVlly/SonomaCnty (3.5 acres 4Clones Vnyd: Primitivo/StPetersChurch/
    BradfordMtn/DuPratt; 14.5%) 2011
    : Dark color; slight alcoholic some vanilla/toasty/Am.oak strong blackberry/
    Zin bit licorice/spicy/peppery lovely nose; bit tart strong very spicy/blackberry/Zin/licorice very light
    vanilla/toasty/oak slight dusty/earthy slight complex flavor w/ modest/smooth tannins; long spicy/blackberry/
    Zin slight licorice/peppery light vanilla/oak slight earthy/pungent finish w/ lighht/smooth tannins; not
    as bright classic DCVlly Zin as the Heritage and closer to the OldVines than anything; a very fine addition
    to the DCV Zin tableau. $nc (BS)/$34.00

  1. DryCreekVnyd Zin BeesonRanch/DryCreekVlly/SonomaCnty (13.5%) 2011: Very dark color; beautiful bit herbal/
    rosemary/peppery very strong very spicy/blackberry/Zin/Zinberry/RCCola slight licorice/pungent some dusty/OV
    rather complex nose; slightly tart light herbal/peppery strong very spicy/blackberry/Zin some dusty/OV slight
    licorice/pungent flavor w/ some smooth/round tannins; very long/lingering very strong blackberry/Zin/peppery/
    RCCola light vanilla/oak light vanilla/oak some dusty/OV finish w/ smooth/round tannins; more herbal/complex/
    peppery than the Somers tends to be; a beautiful OV Zin. $38.00 (VSP)

  1. Bucklin Bambino FieldBlend Zin OldHillRanch/SonomaVlly (Planted in 1998; 13.3%; 926 cs;
    : Dark color; slight gunpowder/smokey/ozone/used fireworks/pungent slight brett strong blackberry/Zin/
    spicy bit muted light vanilla/oak nose; fairly tart bit pungent/gunpowder/ozone somewhat tighter/leaner
    strong blackberry/Zin/quite spicy bit earthy/bretty flavor w/ light/gentle tannins; med.long slight pungent/
    gunpowder strong blackberry/Zin/very spicy light vanilla/oak slight bretty/unclean finish w/ light tannins;
    quite a nice spicy Zin at a great price but pales in comparison to the Ancient. $23.00 (SFW&S)

  1. Bucklin Ancient FieldBlend Zin OldHillRanch/SonomaVlly (Planted in 1880’s; 15.8%; 293 cs) 2010: Very dark
    color; strong ripe blackberry/boysenberry/very spicy/Zin quite minty/menthol rather dusty/OV biit alcoholic
    complex nose; soft classic dusty/OV very spicy/peppery/blackberry/boysenberry/Zin light toasty/oak some
    alcoholic/overripe flavor w/ very ripe/smooth tannins; very long/lingering very dusty/OV very strong ripe/
    blackberry/boysenberry/Zin slight alcoholic slight minty/menthol finish w/ soft/smooth tannins; much riper
    than the Bambino but the dusty/OV character comes thru loud & clear; some like the old Ravenswood OldHills
    but less oak; great example of OV Zin. $35.00 (SFW&S)

And more stuff from TheBloodyPulpit:

  1. Dusty/OV: I was wanting to compare these two Bucklin Zins. I was asked several weeks ago how to go about
    identifying the term I use of “dusty/OV”. This comparison came to mind.
    The Bambino is a SellectionneMassale of young(er) vines taken from the old-vine block at OldHill. In
    theory, it should pretty much replicate the varietal composition of the old-vines block. Thus the only
    primary difference would be the age of the vines, 15 yrs vs. 125 yrs, from essentially (presumably) the
    same vnyd. These two wines were of different vintages and vastly different ripeness levels. The two
    wines definitely reflected those differences. However, I thought the “dusty/OV” character showed thru
    bright & clear in the Ancient that was not there in the Bambino.
    A much better comparison would be the Bambino '11 vs. the (unreleased) Ancient '11. Another good
    comparison would be the Ancient '12 vs. the Bedrock Pagani '12. The varietal compositions would be
    considerably (I think) different, but Pagani always shows lots of dusty/OV character and I think you
    could find that resemblance in those two wines.

  1. Massican: This is the Friulian effort of DanPetroski, asst.winemaker at Larkmead. Friuli Annia is one of
    the small DOC’s in Friuli, hence the name. His blend includes the (non-traditional) Ribolla taken from
    GeorgeVare’s Napa vnyd. There used to be a lot of SauvignonVert grown in Calif, which was later identified
    as TokaiFriulano or Muscadelle. I understand the two names are interchangeable in the TTB’s view, though they
    are not the same varieties. Dan’s Tocai comes from the NichiliniVnyd up in ChilesVlly.
    I slightly preferred the '13 for its lean/flinty character. It’s the kind of wine that is so refreshing
    that you keep going back for another glass. Probably would not play well in Monktown.

  1. Miani: Made by EnzoPontoni, somewhat of a cult winemaker figure in Friuli. His wines are very scarce and
    highly sought-after, produced in tiny amounts. Though I knew of the name, this was my first experience
    with his wines. I jumped at it when I saw it at ArroyoVino but then sorta blanched when Brian told me the
    price. I decided to bite because I wanted to see how Dan’s Massican stood up to the big boys.
    I was pretty much blown away by this wine. Easily the most profound Friulano I’ve ever had. I kept going
    back to this wine & trying to figure out what I was smelling/tasting…but coming up w/ descriptors was
    frustratingly difficult. It was like no other Friulano I’d ever tried. Most Friulanos are meant for drinking
    w/ the local food, easy-going wines. Dan’s annia is more in that style. Overpriced at $68?? Perhaps…but I
    can think of no $70-$100 Chard that I’d prefer to drink than this Miani. Looking forward, now, to trying the
    SauvBlanc and Ribolla. Yoikes…$100/btl.

  1. DCV Zins: Another very fine set of Zins from TimBell. The DCV2 is a fairly new vnyd right in front of the DCV
    vnyd. Planted by DuffBevill to a selection of four clones from classic OV vnyds, though not sure that the
    Primitivo fits that paradigm. It’s not quite in the class of the Somers/Beeson/OldVine Zins, but almost. With
    age, I suspect this vnyd will turn out some excellent Zins.

  1. Forlorn-Hope Barbera: This was a very/very interesting comparison. The same Barbera wine, one made w/ no added
    SO2, the other made w/ standard (low) SO2 additions. The difference between these two Barberas were quite striking.
    I much preferred the no-SO2 version for its because of its more exotic/saugage character. The SO2 version just
    seemed a bit more muted in character. It’ll be interesting to see how these differences evolve w/ age. Have
    two more pairs of these to follow.
    Forlorn-Hope is, of course, MattRorick. Followed him from the very start, I did. Makes his wine up in the
    SuisinVlly of SolanoCnty, near Fairfield. Making some of the most interesting wines in Calif these days,
    often w/ varieties that nobody else is interested in. When I visited w/ Matt in April, I shared w/ him a
    btl of the dessert Visciola wine, from the Marches made w/ LaCrima da Morra d’Alba grape and cherries.
    It is an exotic/terrific dessert wine. There was a method in my madness. They grow a lot of cherries in the
    SuisunVlly. Use those and some SuisunVlly PetiteSirah and you could make a dessert wine that’d put the
    SuisunVlly on the map. Just what Matt needs…another hair-brained forlorn hope project.

I had the fortune to taste that Miani with Dan back in February. Profound and mind blowing pretty much sum it up! (It is like a factorial function of wine itself)