TN: Solminer Blaufrankisch '20 & '18....(short/boring)

Tried these two last night @ Pig+Fig:

  1. Solminer Blaufrankisch DeLandaVnyd/LosOlivosDist (11.0%; 12 brls; U/U) 2020: Dark color; strong earthy/loamy slightly floral/Pinotish/plummy/BF light toasty/oak nose; fairly tart/tangy rather strong earthy/loamy/dusty slight floral/BF/plummy rather rustic/bit coarse flavor w/ light coarse tannins; very long strong earthy/loamy some BF/plummy/floral/Pinotish rather coarse/rustic finish w/ some rough tannins; dominated by the earthy/loamy character & not a lot of fruit. $42.00

  1. Solminer Blaufrankisch deLandaVnyd/LosOlivosDist (7 brls; U/U; Biodynamic; 10.8%) 2018: Med.dark color; some earthy/loamy bit rustic much stronger floral/BF/plummy/some Pinotish bit complex nose; fairly tart/tangy strong earthy/loamy somewhat more floral/plummy/BF/violets slight toasty/oak slightly rustic bit more complex flavor w/ modest coarse tannins; very long bit less earthy/loamy strong floral/BF/plummy/licorice/bit Pinotish bit complex finish w/ modest coarse tannins; much like the '20 but less loamy & a bit more floral in character. $39.60

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. This is the wnry of David & Anna DeLaski, who have an Austrian winemaking background. The grapes come from their Estate DeLanda Vnyd on the Eastern outskirts of LosOlivos. BF is known in WashState as Lemberger where it makes some very good wines. Because of the earthy/loamy character that dominates these two wines, these are dead-ringers for Burgenland BF & lack the aromatics (and oak) that you get in Lemberger. Both of these will benefit from additional age I suspect.