TN: Seghesio Vermentino '15 ....(short/boring)

Had this last night:

  1. Seghesio Vermentino KeyholeRanch/RRV/SonomaCnty (13.4%; Heladsburg 2015: Light gold color; pleasant floral/pineapple/Vermen light stony/chalky attractive nose; soft light floral/pineapple/mango/Vermen light stony bit vapid flavor; med.short soft bit vapid light floral/mango/Vermen slight stony finish; a pleasant/simple white that speaks quietly of Vermentino but a bit on the dull/vapid side. $24.00 (SFW&S)

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. This is a relatively rare wine from the Seghesio portfolio. It was a pleasant enough white but just that. Doesn’t hold a candle to one from Liguria or a Favorita from Piemonte.

That sounds surprisingly light for a Seghesio wine. Tasting their wines, I usually find myself wishing they’d picked a little earlier. But 13.4% is way low these days!

For Seghesio, I agree! :wink:

I had the Arneis years ago. It didn’t impress me very much. I did like the Barbera back in my oakier days, but I would be surprised if my palate appreciated it now (especially at the price).

I, of course, followed TedSeghesio from the very start. [snort.gif] But they’ve sorta fallen
by the wayside. Can’t follow 'em all.
Agree, Drew…the Arneis didn’t do much for me as well. Can’t hold a candle to SamBrilbro’s Arneis.

I’m with you guys on the arneis. Sort of big and flabby, as I recall.

I guess I was over my oak phase when I first tasted the barbera. I remember finding it too oaky from the first time I visited at least 10 years ago.

In addition to picking earlier, I wish they’d dial back the oak generally. I had this gut feeling that there was really good fruit underneath the Seghesio wines that was being lost with overripeness and excessive new oak. I always drop by the tasting room when I’m around Healdsburg. But I always leave disappointed, and empty handed.

I do have a 2004 Venom (Sangiovese Grosso) in my cellar – my only Seghesio. That was a monster of a wine, but I took a bet that it might turn out interesting. Anyone sample any of those with some age?

Yup, John…that’s pretty much been my experience w/ Seghesio…too much oak.
No experience w/ aged Venom, alas.