TN: Sami-Odi Shiraz, Little Wine #9, Barossa Valley

time to knock on Fraser’s door

Fraser knew right away why I was emailing him. Guessing others emailed about their place on the wait list too after Demian’s post. Demian was on the list longer than us and that is why he got an offer. Should be on the active list next year per Fraser.

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I’m guilty as charged Jeff!

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I laughed so hard when I got Fraser’s email last night. I said to myself some Berserker hit him up about this thread! :berserker: :berserker: :berserker:

I didn’t mention the thread per se, but I did inquire about “new” availability.

FWIW I cracked the '18 Hoffman last night and it was super. Only decanted for about 2hrs. Worth a spin if you have one to spare, I’d let it develop a bit longer if you want more than the primary action.

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I have the 20 and it is deep in one of my off site lockers. Dont want to touch these for a good while although at some point curiosity will get the better of me.


Yep, should be getting the mailer any day now based on other years…

I’m seeing them at auctions hitting $230+ without commission, so they are starting to really get popular, not that I would ever sell mine.

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Offer came out yesterday, looks like some great wines.

" 2021 Sami-Odi ‘Hoffmann Dallwitz’ (Syrah)

Our ‘Hors Choix’ or ‘Super Choice’ derived from the Hoffmann’s two oldest plots, sown in 1927 (ER-27) and between 1888-1912 (DW-OLD).
These 22 Burgundian Pièces were carefully assembled and bottled amid the spring of 2022 after enduring a 78 week elevage. Bottles were filled without filtration, fining or sparging (the removal of naturally occurring oxygen & C02) and all transfer’s were completed via gravity prior to bottling.

This can be enjoyed now or cellared for as long as your taste desires. It adores air and will continue to unfurl over many days if kept in cool conditions.

Yields ranged between 26 & 39 hectolitres per hectare.
6275 bottles were filled.

Sami-Odi ‘Little Wine’ #12 (Syrah)

An unvintaged assemblage composed of casks from 2022 (49%), 2021 (23%), 2020 (11%), 2019 (8%), 2018 (1%), 2017 (4%), 2016 (2%) & 2015 (2%). Sourced from our six treasured plots within the Hoffmann’s ‘Dallwitz’ vineyard from vines planted in 1996, 1995, 1994, 1960, 1927 & the oldest vines planted prior to 1912.

Enjoy now whilst vibrant or cellar with moderation.
6430 bottles were filled.

2021 Sami-Odi ‘Our Hill’ (Syrah)

Our second harvest from our homes rolling hills on the South side of Angaston in the Eden Valley.

Lithe and delicate, ‘OH’ is best enjoyed over the next few years and contrary to our Hoffmann wines is at its finest on the day of opening.

Yields ranged between 16 & 41 hectolitres per hectare.

1376 bottles were filled.


Thought I’d crack one from last year, Friday night, left over Pulled Pork, spinning some tunes.


Nice!! How was it?

The typical Sami-Odi intensity, but not quite dialled up to 11. Texturally I am loving the silky mouthfeel without it being cloying. Huge bouquet. I grabbed a 3 pack of this years vintage so will be looking forward to them while I wait for the flagship ones to get a bit more age on them.

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Eye Spy a Gibson Firebird! Johnny Winter used to play one!

Ah! I see it’s the Explorer and not the Firebird. My bad.

The Edge and his 1976 Gibson Explorer would like a chat… :grinning: