TN: Ryme RibollaGialla '13...(short/boring)

Tried this for my white last night:

  1. Ryme RibollaGialla VareVnyd/NapaVlly (13.1%) 2013: Deep golden/burnished bronze color; rather phenolic/resiny/ViniMacerati/bit cidery slight RG/white pepper little fruit nose; quite tart/tangy somewhat tannic quite phenolic/resiny/VM slight RG/peppery flavor; very long rather phenolic/VM/resiny light RG/pepper finish w/ some hard tannins. As it warmed up to room temp, it became much more attractive. The RG fruit came out and the tannins were much more subdued and it was not as hard/austere on the palate.

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. I had the Ryme RG '10 a week earlier and it was not evolving well at all and the phenolics were pretty hard. So I opened up this younger one and liked it quite a lot more. But I think the Ryme “His” Vermentino does a better job of aging.
    This was a good example that these skin-contact whites show much better at room temps.

I love skin fermented white wines and there may be an exception or two but my experience is that they are far better, complex and layered when they warm up from cellar temp. So often these are served too cold.


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Just tried it a bit ago…room temperature… and it was showing much better w/ much more RG fruit… but still pretty phenolic.