TN: Ryme PinotNoir LasBrisasVnyd '15...(short/boring)

Tried this Fri night w/ Susan:

  1. Ryme PinotNoir LasBrisasVnyd/Carneros/SonomaCnty (13.1%; Geyserville 2015: Med.color; strong black cherry/PN bit earthy light smokey/toasty/oak classic PN nose; fairly tart/lean rather black cherry/PN/earthy light toasty/smokey/oak/pencilly very attractive lightweight flavor w/ light smooth tannins; very long fairly tart light earthy/loamy strong black cherry/PN light pencilly/oak/toasty finish w/ light gentle tannins; reminds me some of the early CarnerosCreek Pinots but lighter & more lively; a very pretty/attractive rendition of PN and what I’d expect of Ryme. $36.00

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. Ryme: The winery of Ryan & Megan Glaab. Make their wine in the same mushroom farm as SamBilbro/Idelwild.
    The LasBrisasVnyd is farmed/owned by FrankMahoney, the founder of CarnerosCreekWnry. He did a lot of clonal trials of Pinot at his vnyd back in the mid-'70’s. Doesn’t get the recognition for his pioneering work w/ Pinot in Calif that he deserves. His first was his '76 Estate and it was terrific. He now makes his Pinot under the MahoneyFamilyEstate label. There are very/very good and don’t get the recognition they deserve.

Tom, agree with your tasting note. I tasted this wine this past Saturday at the Idlewild, Ryme, Leo Steen Open House. The 2015 version is much like the 14, nice floral aromatics and pure red cherry fruit with good acidity.

I hope to get some tasting impressions from all the wines tasted Saturday (there were 15 total) if I find some time. Getting ready for an Italy trip!

Walt makes a Pinot called “La Brisa”, i wonder if this is from the same vineyard? I have a couple from 2010 in the cellar and they’re quite good although i’d describe them as much more concentrated compared to the lighter body descriptor you penned on the Ryme offering.