TN: Ryme Fiano LagoVnyd '13...(short/boring)

Tasted this last night:

  1. Ryme Fiano LagoVnyd/SonomaCnty (12.2%) 2013: Med.light gold color; some earthy/chalky/perfumed talc light floral/carnations/dandelions/Fiano quite attractive bit nutty/complex nose; lightly tart/tangy some earthy/perfumed talc/stony bit rustic light floral/Fiano/carnations slight nutty some complex flavor; very long bit tart/tangy some earthy/stony/bit rustic lightly floral/carnations slight metallic somewhat savory finish; a fairly classic expression of Fiano w/ light floral character & a bit earthy; not as coarse/rustic as many Italian Fianos; not a profound white & not particularly high-toned but an altogether pleasant savory/low-key white.

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. I’ve had some older Italian Fianos that had really evolved into interesting old-bones. I don’t see this Ryme going much further in that direction. Probably best to drink up whilst it still has some fruit left.