TN: Ridge Zin BuchignaniRanch '15....(short/boring)

Tried this new ATP arrival last night:

  1. Ridge Zin BuchignaniRanch/SonomaCnty (79% Zin/21% Carignane; 14.5%; 44 brls; bttld 12/16; tartaric acid; Drk: 8/16-8/21-8/22: JO) 2015: Fairly dark color; strong vanilla/Am.oak strong blackberry/Zin/bit earthy slight rustic/black cherry/Carignane fairly fragrant quite attractive nose; lightly tart/tangy bit rough/earthy/rustic fairly black cherry/cherry/Caarignane bit blackberry/Zin some vanilla/Ridge oak flavor w/ light chewy tannins; very long rather vanilla/Am.oak rather cherry/black cherry/Carignane earthy/dusty/OV slight blackberry/Zin bit earthy/rustic finish w/ light chewy tannins; the rough/coarse/rustic side of the Carignane shows thru and lessens the high-toned character of the Zin; a pleasant enough Ridge red, but just that. Much preferred the Boatman of this ATP release. $36.00 (ATP)

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. The Buchignani Zins seem to be rather variable. The last two I liked quite a lot. This one the Carignane dominated and made for a bit coarse/rustic red.

Tom, your mention of “strong vanilla - American oak kills it for me.


I’m with you, Tom. I’ve really enjoyed past vintages of Buchignani Ranch Zin but this most recent one really fell short for me. A rare ‘miss’ from Ridge

We opened this today. It’s quite jammy with the up front fruit. Pretty soft for a Ridge, IMHO. More like the style of a Bella Zinfandel.

I haven’t picked mine up yet. Too bad to hear as I am also a fan of this bottling. In general for the Ridge zins, the 2014’s seem to have been quite strong. 2015’s not so much.