TN: Rene Rostaing 2001 Cote-Rotie 'Cote Blonde'

This is in a beautiful place. All its structural components have integrated well. and it is showing some secondary development, but there’s still good delicious primary fruit, too.

Aromas of veal stock, grilled steak, dry-aged beefy funk. Black cherry and raspberry.

Flavors of black olive, blackberry, cassis and cherry. Very North Rhone. More the elegant side than the sauvage side of things. I tasted some Levet last week, and I think those two wines are the only things keeping me from marking this higher. Complex and long. In an excellent place now, but no rush to drink up - this has five more years for sure, and probably 10 or more.

1998 is drinking well but lots of bottle variations.

Fantastic note. The description allows it to seem like I am having a glass with you. Thank you.

Thanks for the note. I have had a number of Rostaing’s regular bottlings, but none of either his Cote Blonde or Landonne. I may have to seek out a few.

Of course. [cheers.gif]

They can both be stellar. If you pick only one, go for the Cote Blonde. La Landonne is better known because of Guigal, but it’s second best here.

Yes, usually, but not in every vintage.
The 2001s were for quite a long time almost sauvage and not really harmonious, with pronounced acidity, but I think they are finding there balance now …

Definitely. Everything was very well-integrated, the acidity was not elevated, and the texture was quite fine.