TN: Rebholz 07 Weissburgunder Spatlese Trocken!

First off, a declaration. I love Pinot Blanc/Weissburgunder. A little irrationally. The best examples have a certain kind of serene effortlessness - they do not ever try hard. They don’t scream about their complexity, nor their richness, nor their acidity. They are medium-bodied without ever being insipid and light or ponderous and fat. They are almost always good, and occasionally great. because how many people (besides me) demand Pinot Blanc? For me, this is the ultimate Jack-of-All-Trades grape.

I also love Rebholz.

This is not a GG wine. I want to try Rebholz GG Weissburgunder - the Wehler Mandelberg GG Weissburgunder 07 had a table of Master Sommeliers mistakenly praising Riesling when I passed it to them last winter. I can only imagine Rebholz GG.

This has the perfect balance between mid-palate fruit and volume, and minerally freshness on the attack and finish. Beautiful play of peach and stone. Great gingery spice on the finish. I would order this at Jean-Georges.

Genius wine like all Rebholz Weissburgunders. The Im Sonn GG is amazing. '04, '05, '07, '08 are insane and the '09’s which I will taste Sept 3rd at the estate will be. The '09 of the Weiss Spat Trocken is the best I have ever had. The man makes no mistakes and his Weissburgunder is the best on the planet.

If you get them in, shout my way. I’m going to hit up my Wiest rep and see what (if anything) might be out there.

So to clarify - does Rebholz make a Riesling and a Weissburgunder GG from that site? Only had the Riesling from Im Sonn, which was phenomenally good (only matched by the Ganshorn and Kastanienbusch).