TN: Produttori Barbaresco '12...(short/boring)

Shared this w/ John on Sunday:

  1. Produttori del Barbaresco Dd’OCG: Barbaresco (14%; ViasImports) Barbaresco 2012: Med.light garnet color; very fragrant floral/rose petal/lilacs/violets slight tarry/pungent/graphite light earthy/dusty/root cellar beautiful aromatic classic Langhe Nebb nose; very tart/acidic/austere/screechy very light Nebb/rosepetal/lilacs/violets light road tar/pungent bit earthy/dusty flavor w/ ample hard/fierce/astringent tannins; very long very acidic/screechy/austere light violets/Nebb/rose petal light earthy/dusty/root cellar finish w/ ample fierce/hard/hurtey tannins; quite a lovely classic Langhe Nebb nose but brutally painful to drink, even w/ food; badly needs age. $37.00 (KK)

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. Tried this again the next night after hlf the btl stood out on the counter w/ cork therein. It had lost most of that ethereal Nebb fragrance. On the palate, lost a lot of the Nebb fruit and the tannins had softened slightly, but it was still painful to drink.
    This was a classic young Langhe Nebb. I describe drinking young Langhe Nebb: “It’s like stuffing violets up one nostril, rose petals up the other nostril; sealing both nostrils w/ a plug of hot tar; then sticking out your tongue between the jaws of a vise and torquing that sucker down. There’s a lot of pleasurable sensations, but there’s also a lot of pain involved.”

Thanks for your note, Tom; as much as I like Barolo and Barbaresco, I once explained my appreciation of Tuscan Sangiovese as providing lots of the pleasure and interest of those more northern wines but without the S & M.


That’s why so many of us masochists love nebbiolo.


Sounds like the perfect wine. Think I’ll buy another case.

Produttori normale for $37??

I guess some people just have different tolerances/preferences when it comes to tannin. Structured and young, yes. Fierce and painful to drink? Not for me. I paid $27 each.

$37 sounds like the list price. It’s available for $27 around NYC also.

Checked the receipt last night and I paid $31.99 for it.