TN: Penfolds Cab/Shiraz Bin 90A '90...(short/boring)

Tried this last night w/ dinner:

  1. Penfolds Cab-Shiraz Bin 90A AouthAustralia (13.5%; 68% Coonawarra Cab/32% BarossaVlly Shiraz) Magill/SA 1990: Very dark color w/ little bricking; very intense blackcurranty/Cab/ripe/licorice/pungent boysenberry/Shiraz/spicy rather minty some vanilla/toasty/oak/smokey classiz Oz somewhat complex nose; slightly tart rich/lush strong blackcurranty/Cab/pungent/licorice bit boysenberry/ripe/Shiraz quite minty/spicy light earthy/dusty/OV some vanilla/charred/oak balanced rather complex/OzCab flavor w/ modest/smooth/ripe tannins; very long/lingering bit tart very strong blackcurranty/Cab/licorice strong blackberry/Shiraz/spicy some vanilla/smokey/oak coplex/spicy/minty finish w/ some smooth/gentle tanninsslight tangy/metallic on palate but a classic fully mature Oz Cab that may go another 5-10 yrs; a beautiful Cab and much better than I expected. $50.00 (K)

A wee BP:

  1. Blew away the '89 Eberle Cabernet/Syrah that I also opened; which was getting pretty tired.

Thanks for the note. I love this wine. Just curious wen can you get it for $50. I think paid much higher price for this one.

That would have been about '95, David. That was pretty expensive then for what I was paying for Oz wines.


I was not even close to legal drinking age then. I am just curious what a first growth Bordeaux cost then. How about a bottle of Tache.

Yes, that rather shows the rampant price inflation of the Pennies labels. I recall tasting Grange ~ 1990/1 ( I guess the 1986 vintage) and being shocked how good it was, and that on balance, it did merit the price tag … of £25 a bottle. I was just getting into wine at the time, and had no cellaring options, so didn’t buy. A shame, but that’s life.

I love Penfolds St Henri. The reds that I have tasted from this winery are age-worthy and possess endless finishes with rich, balanced flavors. Big up to Penfolds!

The 90A is an epic wine. Beautifully balanced, I’d much rather this than the Grange of the same year (and that is saying something)


Cool. A wine I have never had but is on my list. Thanks for posting.

This is a famous unique one vintage only wine that now goes for close to $400. There might be one subsequent vintage. Like the Kalimna 42.

Jeez…and to think I just opened it up and had it w/ a samwich!!

Glad I still have 2 bottles in my cellar…no rush to open these babies [cheers.gif]