TN: Pegau 2007 & 2008

Coming up from Montpellier I stopped quickly in Chateauneuf to pick up
some wines from Pegau. I had ordered some Reserve 2007 and some bottles
of Da Capo 2007 which where still in the process of being labelled. Paul Feraud
was charming and seemed to be in an excellent mood. Funny that after 10 years
of buying wine from the Domaine I have never seen Laurence in the cellar, more
often her father and sometimes even her mother Odette.

Pegau 2007 (popped and poured out of 500ml bottle)
Intense mature nose, floral, herbs. First sip seemed to say “overripe” and not much
liveliness, but that was changing after a bit of air. It was then more tannic, more profound,
more acid, just more of everything as it evolved in the glass. A prominent iodine/blood taste
that screamed “eat a rare steak with the wine”. After that, lucious fruit, energetic, typical
Pegau taste. No detectable barnyard. 93 CZ points.

There was a some sediment in the bottle which could indicate that it got cold in their cellar,
after all there was a good 30 cm of snow in Chateauneuf in January.

Pegau 2008 (tasted at the Vinisud)
Meaty Pegau nose, not much fruit detectable. On the palate much better, seems to drink
already very well, some oak (?). Lighter in style. 90 CZ points.

I was unsure if I should buy the Da Capo as a €150 wine is waaaay above my mental barrier
for wine. While walking down to the cellar I then rationalized that I would probably feeling a lot
of remorse in 5 years when I see this wine in the shops for €400 (thats what the 2003 sells for
in Geneva). I also thought that I could always sell it in case I needed money. The fact that after
10 years of buying in Chateauneuf I have never sold a single bottle was conveniently surpressed
in my thoughts. I finally took 3. Just hope my wife doesn´t find out (self-suggestion: be a man Christian, be a man…).


Strange thing Christian - I have only been to the Domaine once, and it was Laurence who showed us around the cellar.

I am sure you will have no regrets on the Da Capo. From foudre, it was one of the very best young Southern Rhones I have ever had the pleasure of trying!

Thanks for the notes Christian. I still have yet to take the plunge and buy the 07 Reservee, but am planning on picking up a 6pk. The notes you wrote remind me more of the 95 than of, say, the 98 or 01. While I love the 95 for its unique and interesting blood/iodine charms, I love the 98 for its depth and supple richness. I think we’ll have to wait several years to see how it fleshes out.


I walked past their booth at Vinisud always thinking “I’ll check it out later”… and you can guess how this story ends.

Christian, are you associated with the CdP book or simply a supporter? I browsed through it at the CdP stand and it looked really nice. I’ll buy it next time I’m in CdP.

I’ll hope for some crazy retailer to put some '07 on special and I’ll pick some up as well. I hate supporting ‘the greatest vintage ever in any viticultural region’ and its accompanying price whoring, so I’ll have to wait a bit. I think I paid $49.99 for the '06, and the '07 is on pre-arrival at $69.99

Paul - I have regrets already [help.gif]

Faryan - haven´t got much experience with older Pegau´s, my oldest bottle in the cellar is a 1999. But I already love ´em young, so I assume I will also like them after 15 years or so…

Guillaume - Harry is a friend, that is my only association. I try to promote the book as I found it a really great ressource and additionally to help somebody who was crazy enough to self-publish and finance a book in the worst recession since 80 years.

Todd - FWIW, the Domaine charges €34 to retail clients


Man, I keep hearing about these silly domain prices…makes me want to stop by cdp this summer and pickup my usual allotment of wines. I’d save $$$!

Yup, domaine prices are great. I would have snapped up a whole lot of 2007s if they had already been bottled when I visited last June. Pity. I ended up with the 2006s and the 2004 Cuvee Laurence instead. Still good, but nowhere near the 2007s IMHO. Here are my notes on the 2007 Reserve back then.

2007 Domaine du Pégaü Châteauneuf-du-Pape Cuvée Réservée (France, Rhône, Southern Rhône, Châteauneuf-du-Pape) 12/6/2009
From foudre. Incredible nose, with red meat, plums, red fruit and gorgeous minerality. Perfect balance on the palate, with velvety tannins and clean, pure cherry flavours and lifted pepper and spice notes especially towards the finish. Lots of concentration, lots of elegance. Laurence Feraud said that the 2007 vintage had such perfect conditions that the wine more or less made itself. You could see why from this sample. Full of potential as it was though, it still had a sense of being disassembled, with some missing flesh here and there. I have no doubt it will be a knock-out wine in years to come.

Seeing as any vintage of Pegau goes for $90-100 around here I ordered some 07 on pre-arrival for $60.

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What’s this avatar supposed to be depicting?

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