TN: Peachy Canyon Zinfandel 2007 The Vortex

Very nice juice! Thanks, Linda, for making this and also giving me a Birthday bottle at BF 2.5.

Classic dark plum color, nose. Dark plums and pepper, balanced and smooth (fruit bomb lovers look elsewhere). Nice finish. No hard edges, drinks beautifully. Went well with barbecue. 14.8%.

Linda’s taking Peachy to new heights! She’s bringing sexy back. [cheers.gif]

Linda sure knows sexy flirtysmile flirtysmile !

You guys! flirtysmile

Based on these notes, I bought the 2007 Westside today to test-drive the new “Linda Regimen.”

Having only once visited the tasting room (in 05) and been sorely disappointed vis-a-vis other Paso Zin producers, this was quite nice and I’ll be back for more tomorrow. Reminded me of Dover Cyn in approach (also in the same westside area), perhaps with a bit more perfume. Mid-palate a bit shy, but a long enough finish. A proper Zin! [welldone.gif]

Price-wise, this is a very nice QPR here in DiscountLand ($14 at LA Wine Co).

None of the higher end Peachy stuff seems to be available here in LA, so I am anxious for more exposure.

Good job, Linda! [snort.gif]