TN: Pax Syrah TheHermit '10...(short/boring)

Desperate for a decent wine w/ dinner, I grabbed:

  1. Pax Syrah TheHermit NorthCoast (14.7%; Castelli-KnightRanch/GriffinsLair/AlderSprings vnyds; 80% whole-cluster; 10 brls/238 cs) PaxMahleWines/Forestville 2010: Very dark color; strong w-c/peppery/spicy rather blackberry/Syrah/peppery some floral/lilacs slight fumey/alcoholic bit earthy/herbal quite complex nose; fairlt tart/lean/angular rather w-c/peppery/Rhonish strong blackberry/Syrah/floral/lilacs quite complex flavor w/ light smooth tannins; very long/lingering strong w-c/peppery/Rhonsh strong blackberry/Syrah/floral/lilacs rather tart/tangy bit earthy/dusty complex finish w/ light smooth tannins; lots of Rhonish character from the w-c and a bit rustic like a Cornas; a really interesting/complex Syrah in a good place and can probably go another 4-8 yrs.

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. I have, of course followed PaxMahle from before the very start…when he accosted me at VillaCreek before an early HdR and wanted me to try his Ho-Made Syrah. I was pretty impressed. This was afore he & JoeDonelan started Pax Wnry up in SantaRosa. Across the board, I like Pax’s wines and continue to buy them, except for the Cab.