TN: Oh no, not another 2009 Beaujolais

Morning all,

The neighbours and I are drinking a magnum of distinctly astonishing Beaujolais 2009; it is a emphatically beddable little bobby-dazzler.

Morgon Vieilles Vignes 2009, Chateau Grange Cochard en magnum
I’m finding this nose really attractive, there is a great depth of ripe, dark fruit to it which is not the slightest bit bubblegum-like in character. This is conjoined with a pronounced stoniness of such sophistication I’m somewhat discomposed; as I smell it I keep thinking it is far more serious than almost any Beaujolais I’ve ever encountered. Wow, the palate is also rather sophisticated. There is a proper, impressive tannic structure here and plenty of acid both of which harmonise wonderfully with the ripe and crunchy fruit that permeates it. I’m rather taken with the profound depth of flavour that is getting its mitts on my laughing gear. Beaujolais, man, this is Beaujolais! I know I’ve had top Beaujolais before but this tickling my ticklish bits far more than I was prepared for. Both the Elitistreview team and the neighbours incontrovertibly recommend this joyous bevvie. Go! Go and buy some!


I would but it’s not imported to the US apparently. [cry.gif]

Yes, looks like the Brits have soaked up all of it, and at a low price as well. Damn limeys [wink.gif] !

I suppose it might have something to do with the owners of the estate being English; they moved from sleepy Kent to make wine in even sleepier Morgon.

If anyone was really desperate to try this I know that will ship worldwide, but that seems like too much of an expensive move even for a Beaujolais as good as this one.


This is imported by Weygandt in the U.S.

I have some 2010 Cote du Py coming and I was just scanning through here looking for some tasting notes.

Weygandt has them in. I had the '09 Cote du Puy and loved it. Excellent stuff.