TN: NV Riunite Lambrusco

I read earlier this morning that Jellybean Bryant and Kobe played played on teams that were sponsored by Cantine Riunite, so I figured it’d be somewhat fitting to pour a glass today.

I couldn’t wait to chill it, so I put it on ice – 8 cubes, to be exact. I get a melange of berries, plum skin, mulling spices. Nice mouthfeel and balance. Little in the way of a finish, apart from some bitter fruit peel. (81pts*).

*But definitely not the masterpiece these 81 points were… EVERY BUCKET From Kobe Bryant's 81-PT Performance! - YouTube

It’s been a hell of a year since that day. Hoping we can make it through another one. Stay safe and sane, everyone.


Well played.

Riunite on ice. That’s nice.

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I think I will try it again next year with some birria de chivo

Pretty cool of you to do that!!!

Lancer’s (with Oysters on the half-shell) is another good choice when the Riunite Lambrusco is too heavy but not cloying enough!

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