TN: NV Mouzon-Leroux & Fils Champagne Extra Brut Cuvée L'Atavique

I am really enjoying my grower Champagnes right now and grabbed this bottle from a producer completely new to me yesterday to wash down some home made hot dogs. While generally I find the Chardonnay-dominated wines most easy to approach this cuvée from the Verzy Grand Cru turned out to be quite acid-driven and chiselled and very much to my liking. It has only 3 g/l of sugar so YMMV.

  • NV Mouzon-Leroux & Fils Champagne Extra Brut Cuvée L’Atavique - France, Champagne (6.10.2017)
    Disgorged 1/2017, blend of 80 % 2013 and 20 % 2012/2011. 65 % PN, 35 % CH, 25 % aged in oak. The revered Pinot Noir of the village shines through on the lively nose that offers delicious cherry fruit, apple, spice and some torrefaction. Strongly effervescent and truly bone dry, quite vinous. The use of oak is perfect as you do not really taste it but you do sense it. Quite rich and sour at the same time, not austere but definitely not a crowd-pleaser either. Markedly mouth-watering, it is hard to resist the temptation of rushing the next sip. This comes off as mighty neat, authentic stuff - definitely something for all the acid heads out there. It should be noted that only after 20min or more in the glass this wine shows its true colors; fridge temp is clearly far from ideal for it and some breathing only beneficial.

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