TN: NV Moussé Fils Champagne l'Extra Or d'Eugène Blanc de Noirs Extra Brut

Nice buy from Envoyer…excellent at this price point…glad I took their rec and grabbed a few.

  • NV Moussé Fils Champagne l’Extra Or d’Eugène Blanc de Noirs Extra Brut - France, Champagne (5/12/2018)
    Cream colored. Tight, lively bubbles that come and go quickly. Smells of nuts and earth. The Menuier comes through. Red fruits and an expansive palate that is dry and shows bits of earthy funk and coriander-licorice spice. Super dry and puckering tart green apple finish that is really wiry. I like this a good bit.

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My wife and I both love Meunier based Champagnes, and Cedric Mousse does a great job at very nice price points.

Yum, dude.



There is a champagne producer named “Mousse”. That has got to be the best aptonym I’ve heard for wine.

Better than this?

Thanks Dennis for being an enabler. I just grabbed 3 from the Envoyer offer.


I was tempted, but I already have a few and I am really trying to not buy wine in May. Made it 18 days. Will stay strong.
Good wine, though, Russ. Terrific value. imo

The 2013 Mousse Fils Special Club rose we tasted recently was the best Special Club I’ve had to date, and pretty far up overall on the Champs list in general. Just stellar. Haven’t had this bottling but I put in for a 3 pack as well. Love Meunier heavy bubbles very much. champagne.gif

Me LOVE extra brut.
So dry, you’d love to salivate…but can’t!