TN: NV Laherte Frères - Blanc de Noirs Brut Nature (France, Champagne)

NV Laherte Frères Champagne Blanc de Noirs Brut Nature - France, Champagne (2/25/2023)
– popped and poured –
– tasted non-blind over a couple hours –
– dosage: 0 g/L –
– disgorgement: April 2022 –

NOSE: light and airy aromatics — light Pinot Noir aromas (blind, I doubt I’d guess any Pinot Meunier in the blend, on aromatics alone).

BODY: light salmon color; light bodied.

TASTE: very light on the palate: minerals and light Pinot fruit; interesting stone fruit facet to the fruit profile, along with flecks of lime and orange blossom; drinks best with just a slight chill, which allows the fruit to fully emerge, which it didn’t when colder. Pretty good, and likely a re-buy, but not as impressive as the BdB Brut Nature, in my estimation.


I’ve really enjoyed this one. Haven’t popped the BdB yet but that may change soon.

Brian Bohr opened a mag of the BdB on Saturday. Did you get any?

The BdN doesn’t have a track record yet but I have had many bottles now of the BdB and the consistency and pleasure of that wine is hard to beat. I have been looking around recently at some offers, to bring in some more bottles as I have just one left. Open your BdB, Rat, and try it.

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Both the Rose and BdB are favs of mine.

At some point, Mike, maybe end of this year, I bet we stop seeing both in the $40 range as they creep into the $50 zone. The Rose will be the one who hangs on the longest.

That would be a bummer. Already the BdB is $3-4 more than the Rose by me. But they are both $45-48 at the cheaper store.

Yeah, that’s right. Last Fall, I scored. bunch of the BdB for 15% off plus no tax. I felt like I was stealing them and all in with shipping I think they were $47. I kick myself for not just asking for a case, knowing how much I love the BdB bottling.

Side note…might be interesting to do the BdB and the Nature de Craie side-by-side blind. Have you tried the Craie yet? It’s about double the price (not quite but nearly) of the BdB. Have had handful of the Craie now, really like it too.

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Care to share your sources for this? WHWC or somewhere different?

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It was an email offer from Caveau in Portland. As for right now there are some under $50 in California but you got to pay the sales tax then you got to move them and so the price can jump another 8-10 bucks a bottle.

How do you think these will age? Should these really be consumed in next couple years or do you think 5yrs or so is fine?


For me, I drink mine with a year and then replace. I’m generally not a wine ager so understand that bias I come with to your answer. I just find the BdB cuvee (and the Rose) to have great freshness and I want to enjoy that by drinking them.


No Frank, I don’t think brought it outside.

I’ll pop a BdB this weekend.

No Brian Bohr. He was pouring the Bd BLANCS from a mag when the auction closed. He did the same think inn October. We’re going to have to call him LF Mag Man.

I hope you like the BdB.

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I opened a Craie with Sweater Boy and Dave Dryoff and it was still searching for its place. We all felt it needed time.

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I don’t know Dave, but Sweater Boy…his team is the Maple Leafs. I mean, do you want to cred him when we know that fact about him? :dizzy_face:

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I still have one bottle of the Blanc de Blancs Brut Nature left from a six-pack that was disgorged 2018/04. It has continued to improve with cellaring (for my palate). It was always delicious, though. It’s been about a year since I opened one, so the remaining bottle will surely get opened soon.

I recently picked up some that were disgorged 2022/06. Very tasty as well, but I know my preference is for a little longer in bottle.


Well, since you put it that way…

If you’re finding these sub-$50 these days, I think you’re doing pretty good. I bought this BdN from WHWC for $54. On sale.

A few years ago I would have been angling for the mags of these things as there’s a handful of them at HiTime in Costa Mesa for a really good price of $110. All we have to do is pay the nuisance sales tax on those but locally for us we avoid the shipping charges so they’re pretty good value even at 119 all in for a double 750. I really like that but I have no use for mags anymore.:grin:

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I often like the idea of mags, and even buy them occasionally, but almost never open them. Agree that $119 is an attractive price.