TN: NV José Michel & Fils Champagne Cuvée du Père Houdart

  • NV José Michel & Fils Champagne Cuvée du Père Houdart - France, Champagne (10/24/2019)
    Was in the mood for Krug, but decided to check in on one of these, since I’m drinkin solo tonight. First time with this champs…have heard good things about this MV cuvee. Base wine is 2011, with back vintages of 71,75,76,82,84…20% chard, 40% PN, 40% PM. I believe 40% of the wine is from the fresh 2011 base, and the rest equal parts reserves. WAY fresher than I thought it would be! Starts out poppin with bursting bubbles of fresh citrus and ginger…tart and sour lemon and green apple skin, saline minerality…then you have this subtle faint ox, sautéed apples in butter, peanut brittle, white truffle nuance in the background…creamy and very elegant, especially as the bubbles dissipate, and the citrus calms…really turns engaging and complexing. If you let the wine sit in the glass for a bit, the freshness takes a back seat to some very intriguing honeycomb, subtle sherry, musty old cellar, peach cobbler, spiced apple cider notes…becoming more delicate and fragile like an old wine, but not at all falling apart. Another splash from the bottle awakens the freshness again like a shot of adrenaline…which I am finding I like more in this wine. I’m keeping a stopper in the bottle as I go through it…preserving the freshness as much as I can. I REALLY like this! Not as rich and captivating as a Krug, but pleases in a similar MV way for me. The QPR is outstanding as well! (94 pts.)

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Another yes vote for this wine; really interesting and complex.