TN: NV Georges Laval Champagne Garennes

  • NV Georges Laval Champagne Garennes - France, Champagne (3/31/2018)
    Nose: The nose is balanced and robust with red apples, quince, brioche, roasted nuts, chalky minerals, some smokey tones, baked breads, and baking spices. There is a richness to this along with excellent depth.

Taste: Full bodied with medium+ acidity. The acidity is well integrated and balanced with brioche, smokey tones, baked breads, red apples, quince, and baking spices.

Overall: L.G15. This is a new one for me and for Laval on the whole. This is a great introduction into the Laval style while being more upfront (for the producer) and having a richness that the other champagnes don’t have. (92 pts.)

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New cuvee/vineyard? More expensive or cheaper than Cumieres?

  1. yes to both. I was told that this plot used to be sold off, but a few years back Vincent decided to bring it into the fold. But, he didn’t like the pure single vineyard results so the reserve wine is used to beef it up and make it easier to drink right now.

  2. this was a little cheaper than the cumieres

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I’m glad Vincent Laval came out with this as it allows him to get more bottles out there and the price is right. I enjoy all of his wines, but they are often hard to come by and get pricey very quickly as you move up in the range. The base is from his vines in Chamrecy and, as mentioned above, the reserves are all Cumieres. This is a good value wine with a nice dose of fruit and dry, bready richness. It is a bit easier to understand and enjoy in its youth than some of the single vineyard releases. Everything Vincent makes is very good and expressive with little separation in quality throughout the range.

hi brad,

thanks a ton for commenting as I was hoping you’d chime in at some point. Does Vincent have any other cuvees in the pipeline that could be along these lines? Specifically I’m wondering if he will have a Rose. I love the normal Rose Cumieres, but that too requires time in bottle and I would love to be able to dig into something that shows a bit better earlier.


I don’t know, but will try and find out what plans Vincent has moving forward. If and when I find something out, I will add it to this thread.