TN: NV Frédéric Savart / Drémont Père et fils Champagne Éphémère 007

I posted some time last Autumn about the 006 BdB which seemed to have quality stuffing but left me underwhelmed with its rather austere character. I was hoping this one to provide a better experience with its generous 2 g/l dosage and it most certainly did. Not a mind blowing experience but decent value for money at 38€ a pop. I’m not making it a priority to buy more from this producer but then I’m not totally against it either. Champagne prices seem to be going to one direction only so I guess a bottom feeder like myself cannot afford to be too picky [snort.gif] .

  • NV Frédéric Savart / Drémont Père et fils Champagne Éphémère 007 - France, Champagne (4.2.2022)
    Labeled Extra Brut with a dosage of 2 g/l. 60% Pinot Noir from Mailly, 40% Chardonnay from Verzy. Impressive nose has notes of red apple, cherry, meringue, buttered toast and some baking spices. Very detailed and complex. Rich, mouth-caressing mousse. Dry for sure but with the 2 g/l dosage markedly more enjoyable than the Brut Nature (006) bottling from the same address. On the richer side with a healthly dollop of autolytic notes and ripe Pinot driven fruit. Some vinosity here but the finish is rather light and crisp. Very well-rounded and balanced with close to ideal dosage. Pinot Noir is in the driver’s seat but Chardonnay makes its presence felt via freshess and brightness and a green apple note.

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