TN: NV Equipo Navazos - La Bota de Oloroso "Montilla" nº 46 (Spain, Andalucía, Montilla-Moriles)

NV Equipo Navazos Montilla-Moriles La Bota de Oloroso “Montilla” nº 46 - Spain, Andalucía, Montilla-Moriles (8/28/2014)
– bottle opened one week prior –
– tasted non-blind over a few hours –

NOSE: incredibly expressive & complex; tawny; tangy; salinic; old wood; hint of orange peel; honey; surprising hint of red berry jam; absolutely awesome bouquet!

BODY: color is a rich medium-dark amber; {forgot to note weight}

TASTE: exactly what the Nose suggested: salinic; tawny; old wood; toasted pecans and almonds; incredible acidity, and bone dry. Fantastic.

50, 5, 14, 18, 9 = (96 pts.)

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Thank you Brian! Hadn’t tried this one yet.

Get. In. My. Belly!

thanks for the note (read: tease), Grafs [cheers.gif]

Your notes…love.

What’s the average age on this, Brian?

I was lucky and went to a Equipo Navazos tasting with Jesús Barquín in Sydney last month. I’ll post some proper notes at some stage but the 46 was out of this world, easily my favourite wine of those we tried and should be a contender for my top 10 wines this year - I also went with 96/100.

25-30 years average age I believe.

Stop making me spend $, Cam and Brian.

I don’t think the average age was indicated, Barry.

also, to note: this was made entirely from PX, which really blows my mind b/c I do not like the sickly sweet versions of PX.

I’d love to read your notes from that tasting, Cam. Please draw my attention to them once you post them. Thanks! [cheers.gif]

I love oloroso. In for 2 bottles.

Brian or Cam, how does it compare to the Tradicion VORS Oloroso?

I haven’t had that one, Barry, so I don’t know. Sorry.

Sorry, same.

And you guys call yourselves Sherry lovers… [snort.gif]

Ha! Honestly, I’d drink it much more often if my wife didn’t hate it.

I did no such thing :slight_smile: I do want to ramp up my sherry drinking so I’ll keep an eye out for the Tradicion if you recommend it.

I dipped on the un-numbered Fino Manzanilla (not sure that’s a legal Sherry designation as I think it’s either Fino or Manzanilla, even though both are made from Palomino Fino, but CellarTracker and the label were approximately aligned, so I chose that) and some of the 42. Was blown away by the QPR of the Manzanilla. I’ve never had Sherry that I’d say had sap (séve) until that. Really looking forward to the 42, which I intend to start on next week.

My Sherry loving began as I bought a bottle of the Equipo #41 Palo Cortado Bota No. To prepare for the appreciation of that wine, I threw myself into acquiring a taste for it by trying other Sherries beforehand. I’ve sampled many now over the last year, including attending SherryFest in SF. Only now do I feel ready to try the Equipo #41; only now…

I haven’t had the 46 yet but I’m not a fan of the BT Oloroso so I’m sure this is better :slight_smile:

I don’t have huge experience with PX, as I also have little tolerance for the super-sweet versions, but my sense is that it is really a fairly neutral grape, much like palomino fino but with perhaps a bit more body. Of course archetypical amontillado would be PX, as is one of my very favorite EN wines:

NV Equipo Navazos Montilla-Moriles La Bota de Fino “que va para Amontillado” Nº 24

12/24/2011 - 94 Points

Bright burnished gold. Barely volatile waxy, salty, flowery nose. The palate is of a very full-bodied fino, fresh and penetrating but also savory with wet mushrooms, bread and dried fruit. The finish is long, and expresses the ‘almost Amontillado’ part, fresh nuts, a bit of caramel and more salt. Perfectly lovely.

Steve, I’ve had that wine several times and it is easily my favorite of all the EN wines. Sadly, I felt like the next wine from that solera (#45) did not measure up. At least I have a few #24s left in the cellar!