TN: NikWeis Riesling OldVines '15...(short/boring)

Tried this ystrday:

  1. NikWeis St.Urbans-Hof Riesling VDP: Gutswein (EB from OldVines; 10.0%;; A.P.Nr 3 529 290 31 16) Leiwen/Mosel 2015: Cork pops when removed; pale yellow color w/ lots of bubbles lining glass that vanish w/ swirling; rather attractive pungent/dirty feet/slatey/steely some R/floral/pineapple slight perfumed talc nose; lightly tart rather CO2/refreshed slight perfumed talc bit slatey/steely/R/pineapple slightly sweet bit watery somewhat vapid flavor; short CO2/refreshed/carbonic lightly tart some off-dry (1%?) bit watery/vapid slight floral/R/pineapple finish; quite a nice nose but CO2/refreshed and rather vapid on the palate; lacks the crisp acidity I like in a Mosel; disappointing. $18.50 (KK)

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. A generally like the Mosel wines of NikWeis. When I saw this on the shelf at Kokoman, I knew I needed to try it. When I first opened it an poured, it was obvious there was excess CO2, either left over from frmtation or added at bottling. After it hit your mouth and the CO2 vanished, all that was left was a somewhat sweet watery/vapid w/ little redeeming features. Don’t see that the old-vines contributed any character.
    A bit puccled by the labeling. Although it had a A.P.Nr., it was not identified as a Q nor QmP. Not sure what the Gutswein actually means on the label.