TN: New Bedrock White/Old Drew Syrah...(short/boring)

Tried these over the weekend w/ Susan:

  1. Bedrock Cuvee Karatas SonomaCnty WW (14.0%; Based on BedrockVnyd Semillon) 2022: Med.dark gold color; beautiful very aromatic floral/Semillon/figgy/green olive some pencilly/toasty/oak rather complex nose; fairly tart/tangy very strong figgy/Sem/green olive light toasty/oak slight mineral/earthy rather complex flavor; very long/lingering finish that mimics flavor; resembles strongly a good HunterVlly Semillon but less oak & not the teeth-chattering acidity; better than the recent MonteRosso Semillon; a terrific Calif expression of Semillon at a good price. $42.00

  1. Drew Syrah MorehouseVnyd/SantaYnezVlly (14.1%; 150 cs) DrewFamilyCllrs/Buellton 2003: Very dark/near black color w/ slight bricking; very strong blackberry/SBCnty Syrah rather peppery/c-c some toasty/smokey/Fr.oak bit Rhonish/roasted rather pungent quite complex lovely/beautiful nose; fairly tart some roasted/smokey/blackberry/Syrah some c-c/peppery rather dried-out/astringent fairly toasty/Fr.oak flavor w/ ample dried-out tannins; very long dried-out finish that mirrors flavor; a beautiful SBC Syrah/very Rhonish very complex nose but pretty dried-out/astringent on the palate but still strong SBCnty Syrah fruit; the next day it was totally dried-out/astringent w/ little fruit remaining.

More grittleferk from TheBloodyPulpit:

  1. This Drew was made by the old JasonDrew when he was making his wines down in SBCnty. He later moved up onto the MendoRidge & dramatically changed his style to make lower alcohol & less extracted Syrahs. And better I think. But this wine didn’t stand the test of time.