TN: N.V. Egly-Ouriet Champagne Brut Les Vignes de Vrigny

taste: smooth and polished medium feel with medium/high acidity that really shows itself along with tones of roasted nuts, warm dough, biscuits, minerals and a good bit of tart citrus

overall: this is an 08/09 disgorgement. Still showing the youth indicated in the previous as would be expected. This is a real lovely champagne with very interesting tones on both the nose and palate. I really should buy more for aging, but this is sooooooo tasty and fun that its hard not to love it right now for all of its fun (91 pts.)

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I really love this wine. Most recently I had it as a party crasher in a flight of 99 Bollinger VVF and 99 Selosse BdB. The mono-variety comparison was very interesting, and while the Egly-Ouriet came in third, it wasn’t left in the dust, and, considering the price disparity, was the QPR winner.

jim, fully agree on loving the wine. I keep going back to this the way an addict goes back to crack [dance-clap.gif]

Other then it just being a great wine, it intrigues me to no end and is just a ton of fun to drink and smell


I’ll have to go digging in some boxes for details, but my stash is from an older disgorgement with some time on the cork. If you want to swap, let me know. They do get better.

I wish I knew the disgorgement date of the bottle we had a few weeks ago that was lovely (note in this thread).

Just popped a bottle of this (Nov 2007 disgorge date) and love it! Egly is quickly becoming my favorite grower house.