TN: Mugnier, PYCM

2016 PYCM St Aubin 1er En Remilly

Definitely PYCM, but not as good as the 17 VV. This had a little baby fat and lacked the laserlike focus I’m used to. Perhaps this will be better in time.

2015 JF Mugnier NSG 1er Clos de la Marechale

Finally shut down. This was locked up tighter than Fort Knox. Might as well be 90s Gouges. Like looking at a beautiful picture through 6 inches of solid frosted glass. Not opening another bottle for 5 years.

Was salivating before I opened it. Sincere condolences but thanks for the community…

The PYCM at least was still good, if not the best I’ve had.

I have a lot of marechale so it was educational to open it if not the best drink.