TN: More Bottom Feeding at TJ's....(short/boring)

Tried this wine today:

  1. Vinha da Fonte Casa Ermelinda Freitas VinhoRegional Peninsula de Setubal/Portugal (14.5%; 25% CabSauv/25% Castelao/20% Syrah/20% TourigaNacional/10% AlicanteBouschet; Aged: Fr.&Am.oak casks for 12 mo; Asgram/Miami/FL; www.ErmelindaFreitas.Pt) Leonor Freitas/FernandoPo/PT 2021: Very dark color; fairly intense rather grapey/blackcurranty/plummy some toasty/oak slight inteesting nose w/ huge fruit; soft bit tangy/metallic/harsh/some alcoholic strong grapey/plummy/blackcurranty/bit Port-like light toasty/oak rather simple fruit-driven flavor w/ modest soft/mushy tannins; med.soft rather grapey/plummy/blackcurranty/bit Port-like some harsh/alcoholic light toasty/oak finish w/ soft tannins; an utterly undistinguished red whose primary asset is an undefined grapiness; nothing to recommend it and no bargain at all; dull stuff. $9.00 (TJ)

More bickerbrack from TheBloodyPulpit:

  1. I spied this new wine on the shelf at TJ’s on Sat. As I glanced at the label, the Setubal jumped out at me. I knew I was onto something big. A rich dessert wine at only $9. I couldn’t go wrong. Visions of fame & fortune across the InterNet sprang into my head of discovering this new steal at TJ’s.
    And then when I got home and started to read the label a bit more closely, I relaized this wine may not be the latest thing since sliced bread. As I smelled & tasted it, I realized that my InterNet buddies would be ready to pounce & heap scorn & ridicule upon me for discovering such an ordinary wine. And rightfully so. This wine was a huge disappointment.

You’re a legend Tom. Can’t beat shit like this

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