TN: MarthaStouman post flirtation '17...(short/boring)

Tried this last night:

  1. Martha Stoumen post flirtation CCCnty/Calif WW (10%; 70% Marsanne/18% MuscatBlanc/12% Roussanne) MarthaStoumen/Richmond 2017: Light gold color; somewhat appley/Marsanne some floral/slight muscat very aromatic slight Rhonish/stony beautiful nose; quite tart/tangy bit metallic/steely fairly stony/appley/Marsanne light earthy/Rhonish some rich quite attractive flavor; very long quite tart/tangy bit metallic/steely fairly appley/Marsanne/stony/floral slight Rhonish/earthy finish; speaks mostly of Marsanne but the muscat lends a light floral touch; has a richness & plenty of flavor that belies the bracing acidity and 10% alcohol; reminds me a lot of the early Qupe Marsannes (pre-Roussanne addition) but not quite as stony & austere; I expect this to put on weight and be a lovely old Marsanne at 10 yrs of age. $25.00

A wee BloodyPulpit:

  1. MarthaStoumen is a “natural” wine maker. I was first drawn to her wines because she makes a Nero d’Avola that interested me. As I’ve tasted thru more of her wines, I’m finding a lot to like. The wines are not necessarly profound and not agonna get big scores from Monktown attourneys, but sometimes you just want something a bit off the mainstream and something that just tastes good with your meal. This wine certainly filled that niche.

Martha Stouman has a deep understanding of winemaking–she certainly falls in the “natural” camp, but the wines are always clean. Had the 2018 Post Flirtation Red (building on a backbone of old vine zin and carignan IIRC) recently and it was the perfect summer red wine.

Tom, nice note and agree. The portfolio of wines from Martha Stoumen are all excellent. That Nero d’Avola is a great match for pizza.

I need to get some of the 2018 Post Flirtation Red, should be right in my wheelhouse.


I’ve known Martha for awhile - met her when she worked for Chris Brockway in Berkeley - and have always enjoyed her wines. Whether or not you’re a fan of natural wines, Martha’s wines are worth checking out.

Yup, Kyle…totally agree. She may be “natural “, but I’ve not found any problems in any of her wines. She knows what she’s doing.